How I Quit Sugar: 4 Steps I Used to Kick the Habit

Everyone wants to be healthier? Stronger? Smarter? Am I right? It’s not just me? With it being January many people are trying to eat better, exercise more, and just in general be better people. Because New Year Resolutions!

At least, I mean, people were trying. Right? Because let’s be completely honest January is over half over, and most everyone has royally f***ed up and called it quits till next year. Because for some reason that will make a difference. A new year magically means you’ll suck less at ‘whatever’. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the same place. And I, too, make yearly resolutions. But I, also, try to continue to improve no matter what the date says. I rarely succeed in my endeavors, as I’m a professional screw-up. But who’s counting? I’m certainly not.

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8 Secrets Bloggers Will Never Tell You

Blogging is easy. I mean you just sit there, type words, and hit publish. See super easy and what a load of crap. Blogging is so very much harder than that. Like imagine cutting off your own arm, kind of hard. I know other bloggers, professional bloggers, really know how to make it look east, like it’s as simple as spending too much at Target.

Perhaps it really is easy for them. They are always so full of advice and ‘helpful’ tips. But there always seems to be a slew of things that they never really tell you.

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The Unique Blogger Award

IngridMadisonAve Thank you for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award! You keep nominating me for awards and you make me feel good. That’s a switch for me. YAY.

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Beauty Rules to Live By

I am a huge proponent of breaking fashion and beauty rules. It’s just the rebel in me. As a lifelong rebel, I regularly break fashion ‘rules’. Usually by wearing dark eye makeup with dramatic lips. A million times I have been told that was a no-no. Screw you, I do what I want.  Sometimes I am a wearer of different patterns together, black and brown pieces together, and of course not matching my colors in one outfit. All of these things I’ve always been told are against the rules of fashion and style.

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