Call for action!

This is my third day of Blogtober and this is my first call to action. I am going to do a post later on this month where I answer questions. The problem is I don’t have any questions. So that’s where all you amazing readers come in. So that being said, I need questions. Lots of them. You can ask questions in the comments of this post or comment on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn,  or email me.

I love, love, love answering questions and interacting with others online so I hope this is goes really well. Just ask your questions in the comments below. I need at least 5 questions to make this post work. Thanks in advance. Love you guys!

I have Lauzies Lifestyle to thank for this idea! Thank you! Check out her blog here, it’s amazing

Garden Adventures

Recently, my family and I decide to make a drive and go visit my older brother. It was recently his birthday so we kind of wanted to celebrate it with him. When we got to his place we immediately headed out for something to eat, because it was lunchtime and we were all hungry.


We found ourselves at Cracker Barrel, as that is a place my brother really enjoys eating. We had a pretty good time at the restaurant. I got a raspberry lemonade and a bacon cheeseburger with fries. The drink was amazing, but the food? Not so much. I really wish I had gotten the turkey dinner special instead. I’m not sure burgers or fries are this restaurants forte. Nevertheless, I finished my food and was very full.



After our filling lunch we needed to walk it off so we headed over to a small botanical garden that my brother told us about. I love flowers and pretty landscapes so I was very content walking around that place. They had so many different kinds and colors of flowers. Bees and butterflies were everywhere. I happen to think both bees and butterflies are incredible and beautiful. It was enjoyable to watch them flutter or buzz from flower to flower, bush to bush.


This garden also had an amazing little waterfall display where you can climb up a few cute stone stairs and sit at the top of the tiny waterfall. It was beautiful and great for a little photo op, as I did a little modeling session.

Eventually we made it over to this miniature lake and I walked along side it for a bit before we crossed a bridge and my mom wouldn’t stop quaking at the ducks sitting at the edge of the lake. The duck kept quacking back too. Besides the duck there was a big snapping turtle swimming around. We even saw him dive into deeper water, probably going after one of the fish in the lake.

After observing the lake and getting my mom to stop quacking we headed back to the car. We were all exhausted and overheated at it was over 90 degrees and pretty humid. Also, my stomach hadn’t had lunch settle very well. Next, we drove to a pretty great frozen custard place, called Andy’s. I’d never been, but my brother loves that place and he’s been dying to show us how good it was. Well, I was not disappointed. I got a strawberry custard.


Even though my stomach wasn’t all that happy I enjoyed the custard, immensely. I both savored the flavor and texture of the frozen treat. I need to get frozen custard more often, it’s much better than ice cream.

After the treat we left my brother at his home and started back on the long trip back home. I was exhausted but the day had been more fun than I even anticipated. I’d like to have a day like that again soon.


Blogtober Day 1

This is a short post for the first day of Blogtober. Blogtober is actually a thing? The person who came up with this idea was either crazy or genius. I know, I should have posted this a week ago instead of the very first day of October. That being said, I literally just found out this blogging challenge only a few days ago. Thanks for your post that introduced me to this idea Just Emmi. You can see her post here.

Blogging every day of the month sounds a bit stressful, but I’d like to at least try. I do have some goals related to this challenge.

  • Challenge myself with my blogging.
  • Help my creativity to flourish.
  • To get the chance to say I completed Blogtober
  • Raise my blog views, follows, and interaction
  • Build my writing confidence

I’m most nervous about finding good topics to post about. I’ve found some ideas online and I will be using some of those ideas (i.e. memories, favorites, lists, etc) along with my more normal posts. But if anyone has any good ideas or something they’d like me to post about tell me in the comments. Please send them, I love answering questions and entertaining my followers and anyone who reads my blog.

See you tomorrow!




Note: Featured photo is from Twitter and not mine. No copyright infringement intended. 


September: Recently Watched

Since I saw Love, Lauren Ellen’s blog post (right here) about what she’d watched in August I’ve wanted to do a post like that. September has been a crazy month for me, but I managed to get a good amount of viewing in.


Grey’s Anatomy: I have watched 3 seasons of this show so far and I still don’t know how I feel about it. In fact I’m not sure I want to keep watching it. Some episodes I find really interesting. Sometimes it is great, but more times than not, it’s dumb. I’m sorry to those of you who love this show. I just don’t like watching soap romances. Maybe it gets better, maybe I should just give it up.

Gilmore Girls: I’ve been watching this show for months. I have been told for years to try it. Finally I did and I loved it. My mom happened to be around when I was trying it and she was immediately attached. We watch it together now about once a week (why it’s taking me so long to get through). I’m always curious on what is going to happen next and I really think the mom-daughter relationship between Rory and Lorelei is sweet.

Call the Midwife: I’m almost done with this show on Netflix and I still love it. It’s actually surprising that I love this show. This show does a great job at showing you life in the late 50’s to early 60’s in the East Side of London. It faces injustices and controversial issues. It is often very sad and the injustices in the world hurt to watch. I feel that it is a good reminder on how far we’ve come but just how far we have to go before we are even close to what it needs to be. I truly love this show and plan to continue watching it till they end it.

Blue Bloods: I watch this with my family. It’s one of the only police procedural shows I’ll watch. I really love this show and the characters are actually interesting (not ultra common for a police show). Sometimes some of the tactics bother me since we in are in such a volatile time between the public and police. Of course the show touches upon it, and sometimes handles it really well. But nevertheless I really enjoy the show.

Blacklist: I’ve been enjoying this show since it first came out a few years ago. I was ecstatic when I saw that Netflix finally put season 4 up. The end of season 3 was chaotic and insane. I had no idea where they were going to take this season. I’ve only seen the first couple. That being said I’m still a little lost and definitely have no idea what is going to happen. It’s been stressing me out a little. Reddington seems much more angry this season. I think this season is going to be really good.


Kong: Skull Island: I wanted to see this movie in theaters because ‘hey, monsters! and Tom Hiddleston!’ but I never actually got around to seeing it. So I was excited to finally watch the movie. When it first started I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to like it. But as the story went along I started to really enjoy it. It was a bit like Jurassic Park only more of a scifi feel. Like I said Tom Hiddleston was in it so that was fantastic. He did great, by the way. The story was compelling and it did not turn out how I thought it would.

The Decoy Bride: I adore this movie so much. I’ve watched it a dozen times or more. Of all the chick flicks ever made this one is one of my favorites. The story is different from most romantic comedies. I didn’t feel like my brain was being hurt. David Tennant is pretty nice to have in it too. Yes, the movie is silly. It’s an independent film so there wasn’t big bucks thrown into it. But it was fun. It was cute. Hell, my dad even likes it.

GAGA: Five Foot Two: I’ve been wanting to watch this documentary since I first heard about it and it didn’t disappoint. It was amazing to watch and see that it’s not all glamorous. I have been really liking Lady Gaga more and more over the years and this solidified my love for her. She is so tough and vulnerable. Fame and fortune don’t take our insecurities away and that is always a good reminder. Money doesn’t fix problems. I’d definitely recommend watching it.


These are what I enjoyed this month. Hope you liked my list. What have you been watching? I’d love to know in the comments.

Also, definitely check out Love, Lauren Ellen’s blog too.