Stylish Life

                           ‘Fashion fades. Only style remains the same.’  — Coco Chanel

I absolutely love this quote. It is one that I personally try to remember. To me it means be yourself with fashion, let it reflect you, not the other way around. I try to have my own style rather than wear what everyone is wearing. I want my clothing and beauty choices to reflect me. Your clothes should tell everyone a little something about yourself.  Truth is I love fashion and all it contains. But who am I when it comes to fashion?

I am, at 24 years old, still trying to understand my style. My fashion sense. I look at other girls around me or on blogs and wonder “am I doing something wrong? Am I frumpy? Lazy?” I mean I get compliments on how I look and wear my clothes, but I still have that occasional insecurity. I think we might all struggle with that.


Don’t get me wrong I’m comfortable and I like how I look (even with the occasional insecurities). I think that’s the most important thing about fashion, it’s what makes you happy. So that’s what I try to remind myself. Sometimes it feels like I’m alone, but I try to be okay with that.

Those who know me or follow me on Instagram or read my posts have an idea on how I dress. I hardly wear quote on quote “nice” tops or blouses. Don’t get me wrong I totally will if I’m feeling it and the time is right. But it’s not common.


Normally I dress in what is considered ‘edgy casual’, or at least close to that area of dress. I guess if could be said that I style myself similar to the computer hackers on TV. Think similar to Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot or Skye from Agents of SHIELD.

I only wear dark-colored pants. Usually only black or dark blue. In the past year I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight due to health issues so now I can comfortably wear jeggings and skinny jeans. They are my new favorite pants. They work perfectly with my shoe choices.


My top is 9 times out of 10 going to be a t-shirt, but hardly ever a plain one. I’m just not usually a fan of plain shirts (though I did get a couple new ones that I love). I love graphic tees. The shirts I usually wear is always promoting my favorite fandoms, my former University, or has some silly statement across it. Like my pants most of my shirts are black or other dark color (i.e. grey, blue, etc). Though sometimes people try to force me to wear color. I’m just not a fan of bright colors, unless it’s my shoes or socks.


Often times, particularly as it gets colder I will add a long sleeve shirt over my t-shirt. The long sleeve shirts I wear are commonly plaid. I’ve always loved plaid designs and it is usually the only way I add any color to my actual outfit.

As I said in this post I am usually wearing a jacket. Even over the long sleeve shirt and t-shirt. I have a dozen jackets to choose from. If I’m going out it will usually one of my leather jackets, but occasionally I will wear one of my favorite hoodies. All my jackets are in darker colors. I have had to learn how to make these jackets as fashionable and stylish as possible since I’m too cold to go without.

Oh, me in a hat.
Another hat. I guess hats are another vital piece to my style

As stated above I like colorful shoes. I love a great pair of Converse and I usually want them in a great color. I have a pair in bright orange. My other go to shoe is my military style boots. They are sturdy and comfortable and they have all these great accessories on them i.e. ties, buckles, and zippers. Occasionally I’ll do my high heel boots if I’m feeling extra confident, because as stated in this post I’m not great in walking in heels.

I’m try to say is that everyone needs to accept themself and how they dress. It may not be like everyone else, or maybe it is like everyone else. Either way if you’re happy and feel good about yourself keep doing you. No one should dictate how anyone should dress. That’s why fashion is a form of expression, right?

What is your favorite items to wear? Your style? How did you start to accept your own style?


Blogtober is What!?

Blogtober is half over and it proving to be a very difficult endeavor. I’m lost some days on what to post. I so desperately want to post fun, engaging, interesting, and relatable posts everyday. I want people to love what I write as much I do.

Unfortunately, my posts sometimes fall flat and I have to ask myself what I’m doing wrong. But am I doing anything wrong? Am I failing? Is my perfectionism causing me issues? Is all of this perhaps just apart of blogging and writing? I mean they can’t all be winners can they?

Perhaps all the above questions are all true, or maybe none of them are. Nevertheless I have to push through those feelings and post anyway. Otherwise, if I don’t, I never will post. Each day I have to be stronger and smarter than I was yesterday, last week, or last month.

Blogtober is such a test of patience, creativity, and endurance. But I have a goal and I wish to obtain it!! Over the last half of Blogtober I hope I continue writing and posting things that all of you readers enjoy.

I am still taking questions for a future Q & A post and if anyone has a specific type of post they want to see me post then suggest away.

The Place Dreams are Made

Some people love to shop, and I mean really love to shop. And for some reason many people think I love to shop too. In fact my best friends insist that I’m a shopper, and they won’t believe otherwise. I was once a shopping lover and perhaps a part of me doesn’t want them to actually know.

Truth is, I really don’t like shopping. It exhausts me and I never really buy anything. I hate spending money. I just don’t want to suffer buyers remorse. But if I really get honest there is one place that I have to go to whenever I get the chance. I only have love for one place. Hot Topic! I would live in Hot topic if I could. It just makes me feel happy inside.

This store is an a retail store in the United States that sells items of pop culture. This store has clothing, jewelry, beauty supplies, music, almost anything really. . Pretty much if you have to feed your love for fandoms or have a more edgy fashion sense then this is the place to go.

I am completely happy in Hot Topic and all it’s weirdness. Years ago it was even considered taboo to go in there. Like the devil would eat your soul. Or maybe it was more like a ticket straight to hell, honestly I don’t know.

Anyway, the store has made changes and it has lost some of the taboo feel. Not to say there aren’t people still demonizing the place. The music is loud and the store is dark. But there a few things that never seem to change. The staff is insanely nice and helpful (more so than many stores). The atmosphere is weird, like creativity is in bloom. The store is dark and the music is loud. I feel at home in that store.


An Anonymous Color

I’m not sure why but I feel as if I must talk about my favorite color. I need to sing the praises (write the praises?) of the color black. Many people tell me that black isn’t a color and I only scoff. Black is amazing and most definitely is a color.

Also there are those who claim there is only one shade of black. WHAT?! There are a variety of shades you just have to know what you’re looking at.


Black is very versatile. In fashion it is the sleekest color in existence. In my opinion at least. It is slimming and practically goes with everything, even brown (if done correctly). I know I break a lot fashion rules, don’t hate on me. Black is also the safest color to wear. Not sure what color is appropriate or what looks good? Go for black.

I love black nail polish and black eye makeup. I do not put the eye makeup on as heavily as I did when I was younger but I do love black eye shadow and eyeliner. Maybe it’s the emo/goth kid in me. I even have a black lipstick, but I have not quite figured out an appropriate place to wear it. When I do it will be posted here or on Instagram. You can count on that.

On my last point in my rant about the gloriousness of black is that I feel this color ‘gets me’. It feels as if black is a reflection on my personality. I like to say I have a black soul or I’m dead inside. I’m clearly not being serious (or am I?). I am a little twisted and infinitely bizarre. Black makes me feel safe. I’m already loud and sarcastic. My personality makes up for the lack of color in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will stay content in my life of the color black.