Day of Fun

My mom’s birthday is in a few days and the other day we went out and celebrated. I planned pretty much all of it. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

I’m not even 100 percent why I like doing it. But I just do.

Anyway, we went to  go see Avengers: Infinity War. I don’t think my mom was a huge fan of it and I still feel nothing from that movie. I’m kind of ready for it just to be over. I keep hearing ‘potential spoilers’ about the next one and I always feel more annoyed than anything else. Anyway that’s a subject for another time.

Besides the movie we went to dinner. I enjoyed myself and the food was really good. Our server was really nice and my mom got a free slice of cake which was very delicious.

After dinner we went and played mini golf. I think we all had some fun with that. It was mini golf or bowling and I get very unpleasant when I bowl. So I thought it was a better choice.

Next we went and got frozen custard and headed home. I was completely out of it and I think everyone else was too.

I hope my mom had a good birthday.

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