One Rule to Style

A few months ago I posted about how I’m not exactly ‘fashionable’. Or more or less. It was a post reveling in who I am. Well, you can read it here. But I don’t want to tell you everything. I’m not your mom. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be, you being  a mess and all.

Anyway, the older I get the more I realize I will never be fashionable. Most of us never will be and we need to stop look at Instagram wishing we had Versace giving us shit too. The likelihood of that happening are slim to none. But hell, a girl can hope, right?

Anyway, in the big picture none of that matters. Accepting your weird little self matters more than looking like high fashion (that fades in a matter of moments). If you are low-key and like comfy pieces of fashion that’s fine. If you like high fashion that’s fine too. Just do you.

But how do you just accept style and just go with it?

You just gotta except yourself. Accepting your own style literally comes down to one thing. Accepting yourself.

Oh, you thought it would be easy? Such a disappointment, kinda like me.

But just try it. I don’t mean every second of every day you have to like yourself. I mean try but it really boils down to deciding that you are going to be and do what YOU want to do.

Who cares if you don’t look like everyone else, work it.

Now I’m a hugely insecure person, so if I can do it than so can everyone else. It isn’t THAT big of deal.  So wear what you want and enjoy your life. Stop trying to please everyone you may come in contact with.

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