5 Facts about College/University

Bet you’re reading this on tips on how to make life as a student more bearable. Or perhaps you are going to go to College or University soon and you’re stressing out about surviving it. Or maybe you’re just curious on what I have to say about the experience of upper education.

1.You’ll spend more money than you thought was possible. Even if you have some scholarships or financial aid. One year is several grand, just for tuition. So that doesn’t cover the costs of room, board, books, extras a class might charge you. In the end expect to be at least a few thousand dollars in debt after you graduate.

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2. It’s both harder and easier than high school. Don’t ask me how that is. But it’s true. You can have super easy teachers that don’t require you to come to class and basically passes everyone with minimal effort. Or you could turn around and have the worst teacher in the world that deduct points if you so much as breathe too loudly in class. I have had both.


3. Those people who tell you that you don’t have to study……….they might be right or could be wrong. It all depends on your own skills, the classes you are taking, and how closely your teacher is related to the devil.


4. The college experience is not what it’s cracked up to be. I was the type who went to class, did my work, and went home. I did not find the need to go to parties and drink until my face was in the punch bowl and people are taking embarrassing Snapchats of me, or talk to people. Participating in this ‘experience’ is solely up to you, but just remember it’s fine if you don’t. Plenty of other people aren’t doing it either. I mean if thinking you’re alone is really an issue for you.

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5. The stress is real. Even with easy classes. The stress will keep you up at night and wake you up in the morning. The list of things will continue to grow until you feel like exploding and you will not think you’ll survive. In all honestly you won’t survive at all but the next thing you’ll know it’ll all be done and you’ll be like ‘wait, what happened?’


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