Self-Love Steps

Chances are you’ve hated yourself at least once in your life. And if you say you have never hated yourself then, guys, I think we discovered a unicorn.

Society does not want us to be confident. Particularly women, but of course men feel insecure and less than too. Don’t get me wrong.

But how does one embrace themselves just as it is? Right now? Because you should always love yourself and your body no matter what stage it is at the time.


Write down everything you want that you think will make you finally be self-love positive.

Do it, right now.

Now scratch it all out. Not one of those things will make you body positive or happy or have self-love. There is only one way to actually be self-positive and that is this.


Like just saying this makes me sick. It’s what my dad used to tell me every f****** day when I was a kid and I HATED it! But here I am repeating it. It takes a long time but if you can manage to start being more positive about yourself it will help with your self-love. Take it from me as I am the queen of negativity.


Find happiness is something else entirely. It won’t be how you look, because shocker that will change. And if all your confidence is in how you look then you will constantly be disappointed. Because sorry to break this to you but your will never look perfect.


Be healthy it’s important. But come on, live your life. Don’t obsess about the small things. Do what makes you happy. Find hobbies and love that life of yours.




Self positivity is just about being happy within your own mind. Learn to embrace all those crappy things and find the light in all situations. Eventually you’ll even look at yourself and love it more.

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