SmallCakes Cupcake Review

Cupcakes are one of my favorite ways to eat cake. How could you not? It’s a cute way to eat your cake and feel like you aren’t eating too much. I mean unless you eat more than one.

Anyway, remember then cupcake shops where all the rage? Well, they aren’t as popular as they once were but there are still some amazing places to pick up some great cupcakes.



Recently, I started going to a cupcake store called Smallcakes located at 6127 NW 63rd Ter, Kansas City, Missouri 64151. It is a chain but not all of these places are created equal. This place is the best. I absolutely LOVE there cupcakes. The cupcakes are soft and moist. The icing is thick but not overwhelmingly so. the flavor is strong. Like if you get a lemon cupcake it is actually lemony.

If you are ever in Parkville area you MUST go to this place and get yourself some treats. They have so many to choose from. But if you can help it I wouldn’t refrigerate them as it tends to dry the cake out and makes the icing a little weird. Though the cupcake will still be good. Because they are THAT good. They just won’t be as good as they were when you bought them.

Check out all the cupcakes on their Instagram here.



Note: I am not getting paid or affiliated with this place. I just love the cupcakes.

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