Special Annoucement

The past month I’ve been extremely angsty, I know. But hopefully I was a little funny too. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like. But anyway, About a month or so ago I said I had a bit announcement coming up. A big project. YAY!


Anyway, after some hard work I finally completed it. Actually if I’m being honest I finished it a few weeks ago and it’s actually been available. But that is neither here nor there. Now is the time for the official news!

I created a book trailer!

OMG, I know right?! So impressive.

Well, I am impressed with it. It’s the very first video I’ve ever edited and made. So don’t be getting technical with me. I made it with my friends (because they are very nice and I agreed to buy them food).

So moving on. I would love if you’d check it out and like it and share it. I want to get it out there and get as many people to see it as possible. I’m going to link it directly to this post, but I’d also love if you’d visit Youtube right here and give me some views. The link to my book is in the description on the video too.

Thanks so much!


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