Why Hate Him?

So this blog post is going to be a little different. I am not entirely sure why I find myself needing to write this and get my thoughts and feelings out on this issue. Maybe it’s because Avenger’s Infinity Wars is just about to come out. But I’ve been trying to collect these thoughts for a while.  And whatever the reason I need to get this question out there.

Why do so many people hate Tony Stark and Ironman?


Is it because he’s entitled, rich, privileged?

Yes, he was entitled. But he learned. Yes, he’s privileged and rich, but he’ll he’s doing more than most anyone else in that position. He was living a life for himself and then he saw what was happening and he checked his privilege and made some changes (quicker than most real people ever do). Lots of changes actually. He wanted to do better. He wants to be better. Why is that so easy to hate?
Or is it deeper than him being rich and privileged?
Is it really because he is a representation of just how flawed we are as people?
In fact, that’s one of the reasons I love him so much. The character RDJ portrays in the movies are beautiful and heartbreaking. He has the most realistic personality. He has issues, flaws, and fears. He loves and fails, and he wants nothing more than to protect those around him. He struggles with crippling mental health issues.
I hear people talk about how he has screwed up and done stupid things.
Well, haven’t you messed up and done stupid things? Do you want someone to hate you for your mess ups. For those public or secret mess ups and those humiliations you’ve only caused on yourself?
Truth is that out of every other avenger he is continuously ridiculed because of his choices. The same choices you would probably make if it meant protecting those he loved.
But these choices weren’t actually done for selfish purposes like what Captain America did in Civil War. No Captain’s only mind-set was that he’d rather the world burn than let anything happen to his one and only Bucky. Screw everyone else and all his other friends and everyone who cared about him. Chaos ensued because of him and do people ridicule him and call him a screw up? Nope they say he’s loyal and patriotic and crap.
When the difference between the two characters is that Tony Stark wants EVERYONE to be safe. He’s looking out for EVERYONE’S safety. His friends and everyone else. Now that’s patriotic and loyal.
And he does it all at the cost of his own mental health. Because that character has one of the most realistic portrayals of mental illness that I’ve ever seen. Up to and including the fact no one takes him f*cking seriously and thinks that Tony Stark is just a guy who thinks the world revolves around him and in reality he’s just a guy that wants everyone to feel safe and wants nothing more than for the demons to leave him alone.
But of course, by all means continue ridiculing him and saying he’s a screw up and selfish. But just remember hatred is usually you transferring what you hate about yourself onto someone else.
Rant over now. Thanks for listening.

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