Is it Worth it?

Life doesn’t sting. It knocks you down and then laughs in your face. It burns you alive. You have goals and dreams and yet absolutely nothing you do is right. You fail. Again. and Again and Again. Why can’t something go right? You might not suck as a person, but life just hates you.

Maybe you feel like giving it up or perhaps you already have. Maybe it is time to dream a new dream or maybe it’s time to pick yourself up and put your big kid shoes on and sassy walk towards that damn dream of yours. If something would just give you a damn sign, that would just be great. I’m sick of running in a circle unable to find something, anything to tell me is it worth it.


No body wants to give up too soon, or at least I don’t. The idea terrifies me. But when do you need to give up a dream? When do you stop killing yourself for something that may never happen?

They say when it stops giving you joy. But is that true?

Dreams worth having are never promised to be easy. And they definitely won’t always give you joy. Big dreams can make you feel like you are caught in the dark, floundering around, sure the light will never shine again. I mean some dreams, most of them worth having at least, will feel hopeless. Otherwise everyone would be doing them. It weeds out the weak, I suppose.

Sometimes all you can manage to do it keep moving forward because you know what? It would hurt worse to not have that thing, that dream, in your life.

I suppose the only time a dream should be given up is when it is truly tormenting you; and you just want it out of your life, like a fiery yeast infection. When the sheer thought of being away from it fills you with satisfying relief. When that finally that weight is lifted and your soul does a bit of a dance. You find happiness and joy in the thought of it being out of your life. When the question no longer is ‘How bad do I want it?” and instead turns to “What can I do to get rid of it?”

So if you are about to give something up figure out if your life would be better without it. Does it fill you with joy to have it gone? Or does it make you sad, like you could work harder and still make it work? Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. Where ever you are, don’t give up too soon, but make sure you are happy with your life.

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