Springtime Favorites

Is anyone else confused by the fact that spring has yet to appear? Or is it just me?

Spring should be a great season but it never actually shows up on time and when it does finally make an appearance it’s just a giant hot mess.

Winter is the worst season ever. I will cut the ext person to tell it’s the best. You like being cold and miserable, when the sun never shines and everything is dead? Well, well, well, who here is the real psychopath?

You, it’s definitely you.

Anyway, I try to imagine that spring is just around the corner and the things I look forward to and I must have during this imaginary season is as follows.


Jackets: Just like the fall/autumn season being able to wear jackets is one of my favorite parts. As it gets warmer I usually switch to shorts and keep wearing jackets for as long as possible. Now this is due largely to the fact that I’m always cold, but also because I love a cute jacket.

Shorts: springtime means it’s getting warmer (or rather it should be). So it means the shorts for me! Yassss!!!! I don’t got great legs, but I do love my shorts. I think they are cute and comfortable.

Flowers: I adore beautiful flowers. Springtime means flowers, and of course allergies, but that’s all worth it to me. Flowers brighten up everything and I love the smells and the rainbow of colors.

Sunshine: I cannot express how much I love and need sunshine in my life. I get seasonal depression on top of my regular depression so no sunshine really sucks in winter. Springtime means the sun! I love it!!


What are your springtime season favorites?

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