Get This Book

As you know I have written a book and I am in the process of writing my next one. Yay for me. I’m super talented! In fact, the first manuscript draft is done. Yay! It took awhile and some days I do not feel confident enough to go on, but I suck it up and act like a hustler. Besides I will admit that fear isn’t THAT big of deal and pretty normal for a writer.

Self-promotion is difficult for me. Even right now I feel vaguely like punching myself in the face for telling all of you that I have a book out. But there is a part of me that is infinitely proud of myself for writing it. Soooooo if you got an issue with my self promotion you don’t have to read this.

But I will admit it would be great if you would go out and get it, read it, and review it! I want to know what everyone thinks. It would mean so much if people could do that. So go on, get onto Amazon and get yourself Tetrahedron. Click right here!!!

One last thing, if you are a book reviewer, or just a blogger and would like to write about my book, by all means go ahead. I need and want the traffic it could bring.

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