Must Sees in Kansas City Missouri

It’ll be vacation season before we know it! Yay! Happy dance! Oh but wait, do you know where you are going to spend this holiday? Eh, perhaps you do know where you are going. But let’s assume you have no idea. So, let me suggest Kansas City, Missouri. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not the biggest city and it is smack dab in the middle of the US and the airport is a hell hole. Trust me the sheer sound of it seems horrific. Because of that and more, many consider KC a fly over city. And let’s be honest, if they don’t fix the airport we soon might be. I’m looking at you city officials. But let’s not open that can of issues.

Imagine finding that amazing dress you find in the mass of hideous dresses that you are not quite sure how they got approved. I mean come on my cat could make a better design. Anyway to make finding that dress even better it’s on sale! Yay! Win for you. So now that you’ve imagined finding your dream dress you now know how visiting Kansas City is. It is surround by a mess of hell but if you are looking for a great place to visit that is fun and surprisingly cheap come to KCMO.

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Just to be clear KC is often thought to only be in Kansas, and while there is a Kansas City over there Missouri has had Kansas City longer. There are a couple great places to see in Kansas City, Kansas. Like the Legends. But I will be solely focusing on Missouri’s side of Kansas City as that is where I grew up and love the best.

So if you are ever in Kansas City, Missouri then these are some must see .

Places to visit

                                                             Country Club Plaza                                                                  

Designed in the early 1920s as the US’s very first outdoor shopping district. Everything is built using Spanish architecture and European art. It feels very different here than anywhere else in the entire city. Maybe it’s the architecture. Perhaps it something else. I don’t know. I just freaking love this place. It’s huge, you can shop to your hearts content and the place is brimming with meal selections.

                                                                  Crown Center                                                                        

Crown Center is an 85-acre complex. It is home to Hallmark headquarters. There is beautiful fountains. As KC is known for their fountains. Has so much to do, shopping, dining, Lego land, Sea Life Aquarium, and in the winter ice skating and summer there are a variety of festivals. There are multiple places for free parking. And just up the hill is the next place I highly recommend.

                                                                   Union Station                                                                       

This location is beautiful. They have a variety of activities to choose from. There is places that are fun for both kids and adults. I have so many great memories from this place. They also have a huge screen movie theater. In IMAX. After you are done in Union Station you can walk outside and hop onto our Street Car.


The streetcar is unfortunately one of this city’s only means of public transit. But we are supposed to be working on that issue soon. The streetcar is free and can take you to various places. My favorite is the end when it gets to the River Market area. On the weekends there is a outdoor market. But no matter what time of day you show up it has a variety of things to see.

                                            World War One Museum and Tower                                                     

KC has one of the only World War 1 museum in the world. It is a beautifully organized location. In both architecture and setup. The place is very educational about that war. It is huge and very respectful of those who were involved. You may have trouble getting through the whole thing in one day. I would definitely recommend climbing to the top of the tower. You can see for miles and miles from up there.


Places to eat

There is so many places and such a variety to eat in KC. I cannot even scratch the surface of recommendations. So I’ll only mention a couple places.


                                                              Jack Stack BBQ                                                                          

Since KC is known for their BBQ you need to go here. Don’t even try to argue that it isn’t the best. I’m no even the hugest BBQ fan but this place and KC BBQ is the best. The meat is tender, they actually give large servings. It isn’t easy to get a seat though, because everyone loves it.

                                                                Minsky’s Pizza                                                                       

No, KC is not known for pizza but somehow they make some of the best pizza I have ever consumed. I have no idea how they do it but they manage to make it as heavy and filling as Chicago pizza and delicious and structured as New York Pizza. I could not recommend this place more.


There is way more places to try in KCMO. Too many for this post. This is a good highlight reel. Now get your asses over here and enjoy this city.


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