Songs and Mental Illness

So the other day I posted about understanding mental illness, when you don’t suffer from it. Also, recently, I was talking about mental illness with a good friend of mine and how no matter what we say or do someone with a healthy mind cannot understand the constant struggle with this toxicity in out minds.

I listen to a lot of music of varying kinds and genres. I always have. All music has at one point or another tried to handle it. Rock music is notorious for having songs about the struggles with the war in our heads. Why else do you think so many people related to Evanescence and Linkin Park (RIP Chester)? I know I did. In fact I loved moody music, and we all know I’m a moody person so that’s not a shocker.  But Rap is another one. Most people think rap is all about drugs and girls and a good beat. But lyrically its some of the strongest and more powerful than much of the music out there.

Educate yourself people! And if anyone mentions mumble rap to me I may have to slap you. That doesn’t count.

That all being said there are dozens of songs I could mention that are good representations of mental illness (in all genres). These are just the two songs that speak to me currently. I may do another one of these posts if I feel strongly about the songs. Like I do these. And if you don’t quite understand the toxicity in a person mind, then I recommend taking a listen to both of these songs.

If you don’t like the genre, suck it up buttercup, you may learn something about the people around you.


Also, I’m going to give a TRIGGER WARNING!!! If you suffer mental illness these songs may not be good. So please be cautious.


This song was like….wow! He seems to be talking to the fear inside his head. So if you’ve ever been in a battle with fear you can probably relate. I just heard it as like my anxiety and I fighting. It’s so mean and I just want to bury it like he tries to do in the song. I’d like to hit the damn thing in the face with a shovel. DIE ANXIETY!

Also the music in general is fantastic. I’m a sucker for orchestra sounds and music. I’ve said I was weird. Don’t judge. And I only recently discovered this guy. I’m still not even 100 percent sure how I feel about him. But this song is great

2. MY DARLING by Eminem

This song is not supposed to be able mental illness, I don’t think, but I related to it. I even let one of my friends hear it and they agreed that battling depression was just like it sounds in this song. The voice is kind of comical as it is demonic. But it gets the point across.

It’s  a good listen even if you aren’t listening to the words. That could be because I have such a weakness for Eminem and feel like all of his songs somehow are all well put together. If you don’t like him you can fight me.


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