Things my Parents Taught me

If we are lucky, we get good parents. Over the years my parents have told me things and taught me things. Somethings never registered in my brain, others didn’t register for a long time. I can’t say I’ve listened to everything, but sometimes I will remember then and they help me.

I know some of the things they said are things they are heard from other people. So I’m not saying they are the first person who said these things (I’m sure they picked up quotes from others too) but these are the some of the things that stuck with me. Please know I’m paraphrasing as I can’t necessarily remember their exact words.


Put some lipstick on it’ll make you feel better:

My mom used to tell me this when I was down. It turns out she is right too. If you feel sad or upset and you swipe on some lipstick you suddenly feel a lot better. Hell, at the very least you’ll look fantastic while you cry your eyes out.


Never tell someone you hate them unless you mean it:

It’s good advice because there is nothing worse than someone telling you they hate you. And I’m not talking about the playful ‘I hate yous”. Those vehement ‘I hate yous’ where you question why they are sticking around except maybe to torment you. I playfully say I hate someone (because apparently I am a terrible person), but I’m careful on who I say it to and HOW I say it.


Choose happiness and positivity:

My dad used to try to get me to find a way to be happy, by telling me that I needed to make the decision to be happy and positive. I realize that it’s true, because even when I am having a serious flare up of depression I need to try to see the positive and try to be happy. It feels stupid but hey, worth a shot, right?


Don’t say you’re tired:

It is obnoxious when I am tired and both my parents tells me not to say I’m tired, because it only makes you more tired. What’s even more obnoxious is when she actually proves to be correct. Damn you, mom and dad. Nevertheless, I am terrible about following this piece of advice, if I’m tired, EVERYONE needs to know.


My parents have taught me so much more and I may do another one of these posts later on, I feel like this one could get too long if I don’t stop now. Maybe this is a good post and will get my parents to actually believe I listen to them….or maybe this is a bad post and they’ll start to believe I listen to them. Oh crap, I’m screwed now.

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