Book Update

Writing a first draft is extremely difficult. Who would have thought that was possible? There are so many questions and frustrations and you’re trying to get everything to work even 10% of the time.

Some people may think you need a outline, when it comes to writing a book, but I’m terrible when it comes to outlines. I always was, even in school. I refused to use them and I always found them more confusing than I probably should have. But hell, I made it through so maybe they aren’t necessary.

Anyway I am nearly done with my first draft of my newest books manuscript. I’m very excited and I think it’s going well, but I am always unsure. I am my worst critic. But still I’m feeling good. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Currently, I am trying to decide how long the book needs to be. I got to take into account several things. But the biggest thing is considering whether or not I should get a literary agent (or attempt at least). Does anyone got any recommendations? I could use some advice in that area because this might end up being totally different than my first book.

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