4 Facts about Mental Illness

You probably know someone who has a mental illness. By a raise of hands, who has the company of a little thing call, mental illness? Oh you? And you? you? And of course me.  See I told you there was a lot of us. It isn’t exactly rare. And even though we aren’t, it feels like so often we are alone.

To make things even more frustrating have you ever had to explain mental illness to someone who doesn’t seem to have it or denies it’s existence? It’s like explaining how the earth is round to people who insist it’s flat.

Mental Illness is real. So to everyone who doesn’t understand it.



Plain and simple. Mental illness has it’s triggers. Words, phrases, situations, or people can all be a cause of sending our minds into a spiral. Please try to learn these and respect that we have different needs than someone else does.

Shockingly, this goes for people who don’t have mental illness too. Who knew? For example, you don’t talk to your mother the same way you talk to your best friend. You treat people with the individual level of care and respect they deserve.

tenor (1)


No, my dear sweet moron, it won’t just go away. We can’t just decide to be happy one day and all the feelings of anxiety, depression (or whatever other mental illness someone is suffering through) will just fade away. Like, thank you for your very pointless piece of advice, I’d never thought of that.

NO!. It’s not like I’m sitting here going ‘ooooooo I just love to be miserable and feel like I’m worthless because I just love to feel like I’m drowning’.

Let’s put it this way, say you get sick and you’re miserable and can barely function. You are doing your very best but your sickness is just really holding on. Then I come up to you and tell you to just suck it up, you’re not really sick. You just want to miserable. Are you all better? No?




Not every freaking time we get upset is caused by our mental illness. You piss us off? Don’t blame it on my mental illness. You may just be an asshole. We are allowed and quite capable of emotions that are not driven by mental illness. In fact that is the case 99% of the time. We are just like everyone else. We are not a weird anomaly.

It’s like claiming that the only reason a woman gets upset is because she is on her period. No dummy don’t flatter yourself we are just pissed off at your or a situation. Leave us alone and give us the same respect you would want.



Do NOT treat us like we are fragile. We are not special. We are not soft life infants that need to placed upon a cloud. No!! People with mental illness are capable of so much and guess what? We can beat your ass and outsmart you. In fact some of the smartest people who have ever lived suffered from mental illness. The world would not be as developed if not for us.

We are not weak because our minds rebel against us at times. We are actually stronger than you could ever know.

I’m not a fragile flower. I’m a person just like everyone else. Treat me as such. Respect my differences as I respect yours.


I hope I have made myself somewhat clear. Mental illness is a difficult thing to explain. People tend to take everything out of context. Plain and simple respect the people around you. Treat them correctly. Just as you would want. You don’t want to be treated like a nutcase. Don’t treat people with mental illness that way.

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5 Comments on “4 Facts about Mental Illness

  1. These are all so true! Now if only everyone could read this and understand mental illnesses better, that would be great hehe x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol I wish everyone would at least try to understand, but unfortunately there will always be people who deny it.


  2. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and a lot of people I met don’t take psychology seriously and they don’t consider it a real science. I’m going to assume they’re the people who also think mental illnesses aren’t real or that people can just get over their mental illness, which is horrible. I wish everyone would take mental illnesses seriously.


    • It’s ridiculous that people don’t think psychology or sociology is a real science. Like what exactly determines if it is? I mean these people are at least trying to understand how and why people behave certain ways.
      People who assume the mental illness is somehow fake or easy to get over drive me crazy too. I mean just because you’ve never experienced something doesn’t mean it’s any less valid. People bother me sometimes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • & when psychologists do research they follow the scientific method so just b/c they’re not dealing w/ chemicals & instead are dealing w/ the human brain, doesn’t make it any less a science.
        People sometimes bother me too.

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