Why a 9 to 5?

Ah! A good old-fashioned 9 to 5 job. Something we all want in our lives. A soul sucking reason to get out of bed in the morning. So fun.

I get it. Some people love working a traditional job and it works for them. Yay for you. But I’m not those people. In fact, working a traditional job is not something that I am sure I really want to do anymore. That’s why I write these crappy little posts on this blog and write my own novels. For some reason I think I’m special and I’ll make something out of myself. But that is neither here not there.

For some reason I have always had a lot of trouble getting jobs. I work really hard on my resume (I’ve been told it’s a great resume) and my interview skills. But those are never necessary as I’ve been consistently unable to even get a call back much more an interview. Perhaps it is my winning personality and the fact that I don’t work well with others. But how do they know?! Are they stalking me?!?!


Maybe that’s a good thing.

Now I have had jobs when I somehow got an interview. Shocker! None of them were particularly well-paying but I did get to do amazing things. I got to break up fights between men twice my size (that is strangely fun to me). I got to make police reports. I got to make old men smile.

With all this I still don’t know…..I don’t even know what I want. I need to figure it out. Maybe I’m a drama queen and just need to settle……NAH!!!!!!

giphy (1)

Don’t get me wrong I have always wanted to work and I still do. And I will have a job, but at this point I don’t know if I can commit to a traditional career. That is why I’m taking this period of time where I’m trying to discover what I’m capable of.

I just need to find that sweet spot.

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