4 Tips on Owning Your Screw-ups

Embarrassment, the thing that makes us all turn a different shade and we die all over again. Let’s face it, we’ve all done embarrassing things in life. Me, being a professional screw up, I should know this fact all too well. I’ve done everything from wave at the wrong person to walk into a concrete boulder to running up and punching the wrong person. With way too many things in between. Ah, yay me.

Since I clearly know how it is to do stupid things, I thought, hell why not make a post on the best ways to get over said embarrassing moments. I am an expert after all.


So, if you want to know how to get over it then keep reading.

                                                  WILL YOURSELF TO DISAPPEAR                                                  

When the embarrassing thing first happens it is okay to want to disappear into the ground and just continue life as a groundhog. We all know that feeling. Where you try to gather up all the shreds of your dignity and run away. Let all dignity die within you.



After your dignity has died or while it is dying just start laughing. Take control over the situation and decide the response yourself and everyone else. Even if you want to cry just laugh. Make everyone laugh. Make them think you’re a psycho you laugh so much. Yes, they will be laughing at the situation but you will deciding about what.

giphy (3).gif

                                                          OWN IT. EMBRACE IT                                                               

It’s your mistake. Own that shit. You screwed up so it’s up to you to own it and decide how it will be remembered. Because let’s face it some people are going to remember it. I’m sure people still talk about me walking straight into a concrete poll. Make it your own. Tell others about it. Have some fun.


                                                                     MOVE ON                                                                         

Accept that it happened and move on. Yes, it may haunt you now and again for years. You may want to die a little on the inside again but hell you made someone else laugh. Have some fun with it. You can even start hyping it up a little and can be the center of the dinner party with all your fun stories and anecdotes. Besides, who cares what people think about you.



Now that you know how to make embarrassment your b*tch go out there and just do your thing. Don’t worry about it. I know what I’m talking about. After all I am a professional screw up.

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