4 Easy Steps in Self-Publishing a Novel

Besides the nightmares, Kelsey Cooper lives a mundane life. She can tell something is missing. But that all changes when she meets a charming waiter, the guy of her dreams. Could he be the answer? Quickly, strange things begin to happen to her. Unexplainable things.
She fears what all of it means.
Kelsey must abandon all she thought she knew to get to the bottom of these happenings. The journey to the truth brings the unexpected. Will she be able to live with the truths she discovers? Or will she crumble as she always does?
With multiple twists and turns, this slow-burning psychological thriller will make you rethink digging up the forgotten past. Questioning everything you thought you knew.

This is the synopsis of Tetrahedron. My first novel that I published last year. Writing a novel has changed my perspective in all creative endeavors and especially anything that has to do with writing.

I now truly understand the fear that writers must overcome. If you think the writing part is scary, just wait.

How exactly does one write a novel? Isn’t it hard? Let me clear one thing up right now. It is incredibly hard. You can write something, edit it perfectly, and then publish it, but it still doesn’t mean people will like it.

Writing and publishing a novel is quite literally cutting yourself up and letting the whole world judge it. DON’T DO IT! So get out now! Like, seriously, RUN!!!!!



Okay, now that we’ve weeded out the weaklings, let’s begin, shall we?



If you are scared to start writing, it’s okay. There is nothing wrong with that. But only if it isn’t stopping you. Believe me I was petrified. But all my plans had fallen apart and I didn’t know if I could do something so big and seemingly complicated. But, hell, I already failed so what was one more. I went for it, because apparently I love pain or something like that.

Just start writing. Once you start it becomes difficult to stop. Write as much and as often as you can. Get blocked? Keep writing. You have to write through that block. I wrote through blocks, at least a dozen times. Who cares if you have to delete every single word? Such is the life of a writer. Suck it up and keep writing.



This was something I was terrible at and still am. But I am continuing to work on it and I think I may be getting better. Basically you have to sell yourself, not your book. People get annoyed if you keep trying to be like an obnoxious car salesman. If people are curious about you then they are more likely going to be curious about your book.  This curiosity will potentially get them to want to buy your book. Make them care.

Don’t wait to do any of this until after you publish. DO it now! Make a presence on social media, create yourself a blog, whatever you want. I had the misfortune of waiting to promote myself until after my book was published. This was because I’m a giant chicken and I let my fear dictate how I marketed. Don’t be a chicken. Cluck cluck.



Once you have written through the entire plot you will need to edit. This will more than likely result in extreme rewrites. With my first round of editing I changed the ending and then deleted probably half of the words I had previously written. This is okay. Don’t let it get you down. Every writer deletes and rewrites and changes details.

Once you are through editing you will need to write even more. You will be surprised how much you threw out during that first edit. I know I was. After you have written through again. Begin to edit again. It will be a bit easier this time. Edit very carefully. You may have to do this step a couple of times or more. You will be sick of reading your own writing. You might also thinks it sucks and want to delete it. Or burn it DON’T. Never play with fire.

After all that editing have someone you trust edit and read your story. They will need to know that they are going through it with a fine tooth comb looking for anything wrong. Is the story good? Spelling errors? Something not make sense? Continuity okay?



You will need to swallow even more fear now, because now you will need to prepare to publish. You will need to find a good cover and decide if you just want to publish on e-book or would you like to do print too. Amazon is really good about allowing you to do both for basically no cost. Once you get the cover and details worked out you will need to get your novel a copy right. This will protect you from those evil little thiefs.

Finally, after you set up your account get your book uploaded and write a really good back cover. It needs to be compelling and you may find it hard to write and do than all the other stuff combined. Then hit publish and start telling others that it’s live or up for pre-order. Hopefully you will have a big enough following that your novel starts out on the write foot.

tenor (1)


Now if I haven’t scared you too much and you still want to write a novel go write!!

Now please note that this is only my experience and someone else may have had a different experience. Also, I self-published so my advice on publishing is only based on that knowledge.

Good luck, you’ll need it.

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2 Comments on “4 Easy Steps in Self-Publishing a Novel

  1. This is really inspiring! So many (especially bloggers) want to write and publish a book. I keep stalling because I don’t yet feel ready. You’re encouraging me to just go for it and I’m going to start planning. Ideally, I would do an e book first.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you! That means a lot. I had to just go for it and I was scared to death. And e-books are super convenient and easy to make on Amazon. They help with all the steps.

      Liked by 1 person

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