Questions Authors Get Asked

As an author you get a lot of questions. People basically want to know what, when, where, who, and how. You suddenly become someone who can help others. Even though your experience may be hugely limited you still have an experience that many can’t say they have.

Oh, joy.

I’ve compiled a list of questions that I have been asked or know that others have been asked. These are my answers. Let’s hope they are half-way helpful. If you have more questions you can always contact me via comments or in the contact tab.


I don’t want my story to be a cliché, how to I write an original story? Don’t even worry about this. I’m completely serious, just write. Every time I write, I worry that it is cliche. The best quote I ever read was that the story may have been told but no one has ever told it like you will. Just pour your soul into it.

How do you write something you’ve never experienced? You need to research. I took years of law and criminal justice in school so I have an idea how both law and crime work, along with a little knowledge on how the criminal mind works. If it’s something that you can dig deep in yourself and be empathetic to an emotion or situation. But sometimes it helps if you’re already a little twisted or experimental.

Is writing a book difficult? Yes. Extremely difficult. But worth all the tears, pain and frustration.

Are you making lots of money? Nope, most writers cannot survive off writing novels alone. Branch out and freelance or go get a ‘real’ job.

How do you sell your book? I sell it on Amazon. That is a great site to self-publish and sell. They even help with promotion and marketing. But not a lot, so be warned.

How do you get a publisher? I didn’t I self-published. It’s hell but I’ve heard even more hellish stories about publishers.

I’m scared it won’t be good enough, how do you make it sellable? Just try your hardest. It just isn’t guaranteed that it will be picked up and sell well. You may pour your heart into it but it doesn’t mean people will even risk trying it. It also doesn’t mean your first attempt was very good. Also, it may start selling well years down the road. You never know.

Dialogue is hard, how do you make it work? Dialogue was one of the hardest things that I had to figure out. Just work constantly on it. I mean it was one of the main things that discouraged me from writing.  Maybe even write some role play with a friend or family member. Just get used to writing like that.

What if it’s too different? Oh who the hell cares? Just be yourself. Many people advise to do exactly what everyone wants. Like to be successful you need to do this step by step guide. I don’t agree. Write what you feel and want. Yes, it may mean you don’t sell as well as something else. But I’m all about being true to yourself.


If you of you writers or budding writers have anymore questions then please shoot them my way and I will do my very best on answering them.


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