2018 Olympics

It’s that time again. The Olympics. The time where countries and people put their differences aside for a couple of weeks and compete. It is both insane and beautiful. So I’m going to rant just a little.

If you wanted to know what world peace would look like this is it, I believe. Too bad it can’t last always. Who is going to go after each other after the events have ended? Who knows.

Of course, I always enjoy watching the Olympics. Though as I get older I tend to enjoy it less. I don’t root on any country in particular, because they are all amazing and I know how hard each one has worked. And maybe because I feel a little rebellious. I know, I know, I have issues I need to work on. No need to point them out.

Now with this awe I feel for these events and talented athletes I also feel a little………ehhhh, how can I say this? Like a loser. Like I’m 24 and there are 17 year olds winning gold metals.

What in the hell is wrong with me? Or maybe what in the hell is wrong with them? At 17 I was barely getting through high school without a mental break down.

The questions of what if I’m weak or a failure rush in. I want to cry. I’m such a freaking loser. Like a rotten potato in a bag of perfectly good ones.

But then I remember perhaps I just haven’t peaked yet! Yay!!! I haven’t peaked. I’m not a rotten potato that smells like decaying flesh.


I’m a horrible person for this? Eh, perhaps. Or perhaps not. I’m not really concerned about it. I will just enjoy watching the Olympics and reminding myself I just haven’t peaked. And hustle like the potato that I am.

Now I need to make sure that I don’t wait to peak until I’m 90. Because then I really will be a just decaying flesh. Decisions, decisions.


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