Trip to Paris

Traveling to Europe is really expensive for people of the United States. And believe me most of us are broke. Like think over a couple grand just for tickets to one place and back. It is many people’s dream to go to Europe. I know it is mine.

Okay, this is super different for me to post and I don’t even have to. But I decided ‘why the hell not?’ I’m a good person sometimes, aren’t I? This is a little post for a trip to Paris and London.

Not mine, mind you. The universe would never be so kind to me.

One of my best friends is getting to go to these places.

Needless to say I kind of want to kill her for this opportunity. But I am a good friend and definitely encouraged her to sign up to go (but she does owe me now, sooooo). Yes, I’m a very supportive friend, thank you for noticing.

Now her and her class in University are doing a fundraiser so that the students don’t have to dish out a fortune. I mean they already are poor and in debt, they are students. They have made it into a contest and my friend is on TEAM CROISSANT. (Yeah, I don’t know if that name is disrespectful or not. Sorry if it is). But they must win.

It would be fantastic if any of you, my amazing readers and followers, could help her and her class out and donate to her team. They are using the Crowdfunding website, because apparently all the money goes to the fundraiser.

Anyway, if you have a few pennies to donate that would be amazing and I would love you forever. Go to this site here for more information and to donate. Remember if you donate to Team Croissant. Thank you for your consideration.



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    • I hope they to. And okay! Good to know, I wasn’t sure if it was respectful or not to have that be a name. I felt like it was probably okay, but I just wanted to cover my bases.


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