1 Tip on Being a Successful Blogger

If you are a blogger like me then you probably are asking the same questions that I did when I first started. ‘How do I become successful?’ ‘How do I get lots of followers?’ ‘How do I grow my brand?’ ‘Why in the hell am I doing this?’ ‘How do I go viral?’ What do I have to do to make money?’

You know all those, very important questions all bloggers have.

If you have asked any of those questions or any a number of other questions then I got the answers for you. You have probably looked at dozens of other blogs and websites that tell you how you are to do all these things.

They tell you that you need a niche, must be self-hosted (now let me give you a code for this one site that you must use!!), must have a mailing list, etc, etc, etc. On and on it goes with the must do’s. All in the name of being ‘successful.’


Well, I’m here to tell you that it is so much simpler than that fiasco. In fact, to truly be successful with blogging you must really only do one thing. The lazy people will rejoice now.

Wanna know what it is?

Do ya? Do ya?

Okay, I’ll tell you.




There it is. I told you I’d tell you. The single most important tip for being a successful blogger. Or anything for that matter. You can go self-hosted and have a niche. You can make a mailing list and you can play games on social media. But in the very end everyone will see through it and then they will fade away because they’ll see you are a poser. No one likes a poser.

You gotta be yourself!!!!!! Let your weirdness shine, psychos!!!


Don’t get me wrong I’m sure all those other things have their benefits to being successful. There usually is, right? In fact, I may being screwing myself and making myself work harder by not doing those things other bloggers so commonly push. But alas I am choosing to not do those things and do it the hard way. I like it difficult, apparently.  (Story of my life). Actually, I just don’t like being told what to do. Ha! See? Being myself!

I will be honest, I am not super successful at blogging. In fact, I have a pretty small following, but as frustrating that is some days I am happy I am becoming more and more of myself and am becoming less and less concerned with my numbers. Likewise what everyone else is telling my to do in their ‘helpful’ blog posts.

I consistently lose my way, but I always am able to get back on track because I am being myself. Admittedly, my blog may be a pile of crap but it’ll be a whole hell of a lot worse if I wasn’t being myself.


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5 Comments on “1 Tip on Being a Successful Blogger

    • Exactly, I have only recently began to go back to the basics and start finding job in my writing again. I was miserable writing about things and in a way that wasn’t ME for too long.

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