Makeup for Brown Eyes

Your eyes can tell a thousand stories and you never have to speak a word. They are expressive of happiness, sadness, or murder (oh just me? oops, sorry). It is probably the most viewed facial feature. There are songs about beautiful eyes. Eyes are important to communication.

Apparently, besides communicating with others the eyes can actually have a bearing on what colors look good on you. It all comes down to the color of those peepers. Eye makeup is important in bringing out and highlighting your eyes.

Now if the picture above wasn’t clear enough I have brown eyes. Blah. I’ve always hated my eye color. Brown is so dull and boring. The same color as mud or poop. Why was I cursed with freaking brown eyes!!!


Oh anyway, this dislike didn’t get any better when I was young and was looking for eye shadow that was “great” for brown eyes. The colors recommended were always browns or shades close to that color.

Now, I will admit I was probably just a very uneducated girl when it came to makeup and coloring but I was furious. All the other eye colors got pretty shades. It was like I was being told what I could and could not do.

A few weeks ago I published a post about beauty rules and what should never be done. If you know anything about me you know I like to generally say F*CK YOU to fashion and beauty rules. Like wise I encourage others to do the same. That’s because if I had just listened to these charts I would have never discovered some thing important.

That is…..

Brown eyes can wear absolutely any color they want to and it’ll still look good. F*** you fashion ‘experts’, f*** you. Now of course you should have an idea of what you’re doing before using some colors, but a little trial by error never killed anyone. I’m talking makeup here not throwing stars, so don’t be stupid.

Rebelling against these ‘rules’ showed me that greens are perfect for bringing out my eye color. Purple is too. Black, blue, or soft pink does too. I’ve yet to find a color that didn’t work (except when I didn’t blend. Blend motherf***** BLEND! BLEND! BLEND!).

Once I discovered this my attitude towards my eyes began to change. Of course, I still would prefer a different color of eyes but I’m good. Brown now isn’t so much of the curse I thought it was. I now know that brown is a versatile eye color and everything works with it. I’m so glad I was stubborn and rebellious, because sometimes you just have to try things and make some discoveries. Rebellion can be a good thing.

Rules were meant to be broken. Break those beauty rules. You’ll be surprised what you discover with just a little effort.

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