Beauty Rules to Live By

I am a huge proponent of breaking fashion and beauty rules. It’s just the rebel in me. As a lifelong rebel, I regularly break fashion ‘rules’. Usually by wearing dark eye makeup with dramatic lips. A million times I have been told that was a no-no. Screw you, I do what I want.  Sometimes I am a wearer of different patterns together, black and brown pieces together, and of course not matching my colors in one outfit. All of these things I’ve always been told are against the rules of fashion and style.

Well, I’m here to tell you. Come on people! Break the RULES! How else do you think new ideas develop? Don’t be scared to be a bit different. I’ve been different every day of my life and I’m still kicking and screaming. Mostly screaming, but still.

With this all said let me be clear, there are some things that should not be broken. You can kick and scream and be a rebel all you want, but it will not stop these rules from being important.

These rules should always be followed:

  1. Get the right shade makeup for your skin tone. You don’t want to be too pale or too dark. You want you’re foundation or powder to match your neck. Also, you don’t want to look orangey. This is something that should never be broken, unless you are costuming and need to look like a psycho.
  2. Don’t shave off your eyebrows. Because they might not grow back. So you’ll regret it when you’re older when you have to draw them on. If you draw them on you risk always looking confused, worried, or angry. And even if you’re really good about drawing them on you may end up accidentally wiping them off and then look like an alien.
  3. Don’t take peroxide to your own hair. You’ll regret it for years and your hair will remind you of your poor decision. So just don’t.


I repeat these must NEVER be broken. I speak from experience.

One too many times I have worn the wrong shade of foundation. My face being too dark or light was always frightening. I still struggle to find the right color as I tend to be an in between shade. Anyway, even though I struggle I make every effort to wear the correct coloring for my skin tone. If you don’t it kind of looks like a weird mask.

Shaving your eyebrows off is the worst mistake EVER! I have never done it (as my eyebrows are always haunting me), but I have seen others who have and their eyebrows never grew back. Because they never grew back they have to draw them back on and they look perpetually surprised. Or their eyebrows are never even.

Please don’t bleach your own hair. Your hair will suffer for years. Mine did at least. Close to a decade ago I bleached my own hair with a bottle of peroxide. Worst mistake ever! My hair was frizzy for several years, even after it grew out. Nothing I did could repair it. And I really tried to fix it. Hair bleach is horrible for your hair but peroxide is worse. It totally fries it with just a few minutes soak.


So besides those three rules that should always be followed for your own well-being, you do you and break those rules. Let’s be rebels!


18 Comments on “Beauty Rules to Live By

  1. Amen, rules are cool but only because you can break them ! I completely agree with the “true” rules, but I didn’t even know your eyebrows could never grow back if shaved ! 😮

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    • HAHA yes! Rule breaking!
      Some people’s won’t grow back. I was terrified of a lady when I was a little kid who never had them grow back. I on the other hand mine would probably grow back and mine grow fast and thick. But I don’t think It’s a risk a person should take.


  2. Great list and really funny! I frazzled my hair for several years using a spray called ‘sun in’. It supposedly helped the sun to lighten your hair during Summer, but it was packed with chemicals and ended up in ruining my hair – handfuls would rip out when I tied it up as it was so brittle. It looked lovely and bloned though!


    • Oh my god! That’s worse than what peroxide did to my hair. Our poor hair why do we think we need to hurt it when we’re young. lol


      • Keep it up, it’s great! I love good-natured sarcasm! I don’t know…better to get it out of our system before we get old enough for it to matter? I loved being a platinum blonde, so there are no regrets (especially now that my hair is perfectly healthy!)


      • Thank you so much! I love it too.
        I guess that makes sense, though as I get older I actually find myself being more daring with my hair. It’s good to get those things out of our system lol


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