I’m Writing a Sequel

I have (probably obnoxiously) mentioned a few times that, last year, I wrote and published my first novel, Tetrahedron. Yay, for me. It is and was an important endeavor for me. While writing it I faced things that I never had before, mostly death. But I did it and I couldn’t have been prouder of myself.

Since writing my first novel I have been dying to write a sequel. Actually people who have read it are dying for one. So this year I am going to begin that journey. I will occasionally be posting updates on my writing process and writing in general on this blog and on my social media.

Also, soon I will be posting a blog about how to write a novel, and the steps it takes. I may also be posting something where I answer a bunch of questions about writing a book. I hope it will be beneficial for other writers out there. Because let’s face it, writing is hard and it is scary. It’s always helpful when someone who has experience in an area can give some, hopefully helpful, tips.

This sequel is going to answer so many questions and hopefully open new doors to this world I created. I am already super excited, if you can’t tell. But I’m also scared as hell. That’s always a fun feeling. I hope all you readers become as excited as I am for this process.

Also, right now is the chance to have some input in a story; a soon to be published novel.

If you need to catch up on what has happened then go get it on Amazon right here.  Reading new authors can be scary so for promotional purposes only it is available for free until January 11. Get it while its hot and FREE. You won’t be disappointed.



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