Christmas Gift Haul

Even though New Year’s Eve was a couple days ago I am totally out of it still. I may have stayed home and threw a low-key party, but I still know how to party and exhaust myself.

So Christmas has already come and gone. If you’re like me you may not want to even hear the word ‘Christmas’ uttered for months and months. With that said I still wanted to write a little post on my Christmas haul. I always love reading others lists, so why not do one too, right?

For my holiday:

  1. Winchester knife/pocket knife set. I absolutely loved this gift. I enjoy the subtle beauty of knives.


2. A Mug. I absolutely love getting mugs as gifts. I thought this one was really pretty too.


3. Plaid shirt. I really enjoy a god plaid. I think this one will be perfect. I have yet to wear this shirt but it is so soft and pretty. I can’t wait till I can wear it.


4. Kitten lady tee-shirt. I died a little from excitement when I got this shirt. I am obsessed with this kitten foster mommy on Instagram and she sells merch too. She is amazing and has saved hundreds of neonatal orphan kittens. If you haven’t checked her out and followed her you’re crazy and need to do it immediately. Find her here.


5. Wonder Woman jacket. This was another thing I wanted really badly. I told everyone I knew that I wanted this jacket. Now it is very snug and I cannot gain much weight or it’ll be too snug but I love it.


6. POP character. I can never have too many Funko or POP characters. I have always loved the Grinch and my parents found it appropriate to get him for me.


7. Lauren Conrad book. This was the final book I need to complete my collection of her two trilogies. I LOVE Lauren Conrad and she really is a good writer. I highly recommend her books.


8. Doctor Who book. This book is by an indie writer. I met him at a Comic Con so I’m excited to see how this book will be.


This was my Christmas haul. I love each one of my gifts. What did you get for the holidays?

Now that it is 2018 I have decided that for now I will only be posting 2 times a week instead of three. I want more quality over quanity.

11 Comments on “Christmas Gift Haul

    • I can’t wait to wear the shirts. OMG yes, mugs are the best. I could get a dozen more and still want more. Definitely agree you can never have too many.


    • Thank you, I know. It’s always a bit odd for me since I usually get such a diverse collection of gifts. As I am still at a point in accepting who I am.

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