How to Throw a Low-key New Years Eve Party

I never go out on New Year’s Eve. It’s just not my thing and everything costs that night. Besides who would want to go out when you could just stay home?

I have been throwing a small New Year’s Eve party every year for the last decade. This party is great to invite your friends or family over for. Or perhaps you just want to throw the party for yourself. I mean it is New Year’s Eve! You do you.

I always keep my party very small, with just my immediate family. Yes, I still love my friends, but I have no desire to dress up. Pajama pants and a warm hoodie yes please! Admittedly, I wear makeup and do a nice nail for this party. That’s just how I am. I want to be comfy and feel pretty. Yay.

Anyway, we stuff our face with food and drink, watch movies, and play games. Then when the ball drops we dance around the house. Well, I mean I do. I get a little crazy at midnight.

To throw a great low-key party you will need to decide exactly what you want to do during the evening. Once you do this, you will need to plan accordingly.

I always plan on a lot of food/snacks and a good movie. I strike out in the movie area sometimes, but the food is always sufficient.

New Year’s Eve is the day I get to have all the horrible junk food I didn’t have the all year (well, not all in one night at least). Of course you can pick the snacks that you specifically want. Also your food/snacks can either be homemade or store-bought. I always do a little of each.

My go to New Year’s Eve snacks/food, as I serve then every year, are bean dip, onion chives dip, taquitos, pizza rolls, veggie bowl, tacos, brownies, pin wheels, chips, barbecue baby hot dogs, and my special punch.


Other than food just pick out a movie you think everyone will enjoy. Last year we watched The Jungle Book. I’d seen it and loved it and since I grew up on the cartoon it was fun to show the rest of my family. In years past we have watched scifi and thrillers. My favorites being Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live, Die, Repeat) and No Escape.

After the first movie we play a game. Catch Phrase is a great one. My family and I love that game. But any game might be fun, just be careful not to offend someone. Like Cards Against Humanity might not be the best game to play with your parents. But as I said, you do you.

Who knows how much time we have left at that point. Maybe we watch another movie maybe we watch the ball drop.

Like I said I get a little crazy after the ball drops. That’s okay to do, just be safe.

After it hits midnight and I calm down, I finish my drink and watch another movie until I fall asleep.

So that’s my New Year’s Eve and how to throw a low-key party.

Basically, eat what you want, do what you want and have fun.

Cheers! Have a Happy New Year

9 Comments on “How to Throw a Low-key New Years Eve Party

  1. I think I’d like to have a party just as you described. I’ve never been a big party person, and staying in with close friends and family, playing games, and eating good food sounds just perfect! Happy New Year to you!


  2. Sounds about right! I’m looking forward to doing the same kinds of thing this Sunday Night. I hate going to big, fancy New Years Parties.


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