Do You Need a Relationship

I have tried to write this post a dozen times. Desperately trying to get the point across and not sound bitter or hateful. A way to say this is about me and not necessarily about you, unless you relate. There just isn’t any way to do this other than to just say it.

I dislike relationships.

There I said it.

This does not mean that I like or a promoting hookups or anything actually. I am simply stating a fact.

Yes, I have been in love and I did like it. But it also showed me that romantic love isn’t the thing that makes the world go round. At least for me. Platonic love goes so much further.

I came to the conclusion that I did not need a romantic relationship when I was young. I had no desire for someone to tell me what to do.

Of course I know that true love doesn’t do that, but still, perhaps it tainted love for me. Or perhaps it is truly not something that is necessary for my happiness.

My past infatuations were more than likely me thinking I needed to like someone, simply because they liked me. I never got much attention, which is probably why I went for so many losers. Hell, this might be the only guy that will ever like me………So I thought.

Wrong. So wrong.

If there ever comes a day when I finally can look at someone and decide my life would ACTUALLY be better WITH them, then perhaps my opinion will change.

I am open to possibilities and love, but only if it’s right. I do not wish to waste my time with losers and time wasters.

So if you are reading this and think you have to be WITH someone to be worth something, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. People are worth more than the person they are with. You are worth more than a temporary relationship. Learn how to love and treat yourself. Be your own person.

And if you are reading this and you are in a loving, committed relationship. Hold on to that, but make sure that you haven’t forgotten how to love yourself separate from that person.  Go visit friends, buy yourself flowers, talk to your family. Be your own person (as they should too).


Perhaps someday I will go into more detail with this subject, but this is all I have right now.

One Comment on “Do You Need a Relationship

  1. Quite right. Independence is a valid choice, thankfully since it wasn’t always so. Fulfilment comes in many ways, not necessarily through another person, and relationships are really hard work

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