Having a Best Friend

True friends are hard to come by. It is something I have spent a lifetime struggling and working with. But I do have some friends; great friends actually. You guys all know who you are and I love every one of you.



But that being said I have two best friends. We’ve known each other the longest and been through the most. I met them both of them at a party when I was 17. I’m not entirely sure what drew us to each other, because I was being highly inappropriate, rebellious, and crazy. They were what I would have deemed as “good girls”. I don’t mean that as mocking either. But I was/am the total opposite. But they’ve gotten to be a bit like me so I swear I’ve created monsters. Their mothers would have never allowed us to play as children.



We have been through a lot over the years. Guys, heartbreak, tragedy, tears, anger, fights, and pyramids full of laughter and fun. We worked in the same place before (strangely we were rarely scheduled together. Hmm wonder why) and we’ve gone on trips together. I have wanted to strangle them and of course I’d kill and hide a body for them. They would do the same, just as any best friend would. We drive each other crazy like no other.




The three of us talk nearly every day, even though we are all super busy. It’s just what you do when you’re best friends with someone, you put in an effort. Though I still want to smash the radio anytime they have their favorite music on. Sorry not sorry.


Do you have a best friend(s)? What makes them special?





3 Comments on “Having a Best Friend

  1. I had a best friend. But now I don’t. She ditched me just because she got some regular dick. Visits weren’t as often as they used to be, conversations were forced and I just couldn’t understand why she would choose a guy over 15 years of friendship!

    But I have hopes in finding a best friend again.. someone who knows me better than I know myself. Someday, I hope. Someday!

    Great post lovely! I love reading posts about people having friends and best friends, it makes me happy that someone out there has someone they can call their best friend without a shadow of a doubt!


    • That’s absolutely horrible! I will never understand a guy becoming more important than a friendship, but I too have seen it and experienced it.
      I really hope you can find a new best friend. One thing that helped me was that I never intended to have a best friend again.
      And Thank you 🙂

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  2. I like the bond you share with your best friends….I just like that the closest people to me are in my family so it makes it a lot easy to handle drama and crazy schedule.. Interesting read Lindsey

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