Deviled Egg Recipe

I have a love/hate relationship with deviled eggs. Sometimes they are delicious and sometimes I hate them. Basically my take on eggs, I think. And most people do not make them in a way that I can stomach. Why make them sweet? I don’t understand.

So it’s the holiday season and I’m sure we all need something to take to the next holiday party. This recipe is perfect for any type of celebration or holiday. It is also great if you need a last-minute dish any time of the year.

So I am the one who makes the deviled eggs for Thanksgiving and anytime really. My mom has perfected this recipe over my entire life and now that I’ve taken over it I feel I have made it my own. Believe me I got lots of compliments this year.

It is okay to play around with the flavor with this recipe. If it needs more of something just add a little at a time until it reaches the flavor you desire.



10 Hard boiled eggs (total of 20 deviled eggs)

3 tablespoons of Mustard

3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise

1 teaspoon of Ground Mustard

1/8 teaspoon of Paprika

1 teaspoon of Salt

2 teaspoons of Pepper

2 tablespoons of Red Wine Vinegar



  1. With a sharp knife, cut hard-boiled eggs in half, scoop out yolks and set the egg whites aside for later.whites
  2. Once all the eggs yolks are out take a fork and mash the yolks until they appear fine and without large chunks of yolk. yolks
  3. Next, mix mayo, mustard, red wine vinegar, ground mustard, black pepper, salt, and paprika in with the mashed yolks.
  4. Mix until smooth.
  5. Taste yolk mixture to check for desired taste. Alter based on that
  6. When desired taste is obtained spoon yolks into egg white.
  7. Garnish each egg with a little paprika.
  8. Refrigerate overnight in a sealed container.
  9. Enjoy for the next 2 to 3 days.


5 Comments on “Deviled Egg Recipe

    • You can always just omit the paprika. Which is what i would do, but if you are very brave you could try just a little bit of cayenne pepper. I’m not sure how well it works though.


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