What Would You Say: Open Letter

Dear Gal Gadot,


You will probably never see this letter and that’s okay. This letter is more for myself than anything. A place where I could put down my thoughts and feelings. In a way it seems silly to be writing you a letter you’ll never read. After all, I am 24 years old and I should be doing more important things with my life besides writing letters to celebrities.

But that’s the thing I am not writing this because you are a celebrity. I am writing this because I feel it is necessary that you understand how important your portrayal of the character of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince truly is.

I never thought a single character could mean so much to me. At least not one that was FEMALE. She is so strong and is everything I was always taught to be while growing up. Unfortunately, though I may have been raised to be a Wonder Woman society tends to speaks louder. I have always been too loud, too opinionated, basically too much. As I grew up I doubted myself. Maybe these voices and whispers were right. Maybe I’m too much. I’ve spent a countless amount of hours wondering if I was good enough. I’ve was told I spoke up too much, so I started to talk less. I made myself smaller and I lost a part of myself in the process.

You represented and continue to represent so many women and girls. Not just with you and your character’s strength but with how you look. It seems shallow, but when I saw you as Wonder Woman for the first time in my life I saw someone who looked similar too me in a movie. Very dark hair, olive skin, ‘ethnic’ features. I have been called ethnic my whole life and I’ve never looked like anyone on movies when I was young. In fact, I rarely look like anyone else in a room. But with you as Wonder Woman I could identify. I was represented and so many other girls of all characteristics and features were too.

Even at 24 years old I felt like a little girl when saw you as Wonder Woman. Ethnic and strong. Everything that I felt self conscious about. If they say representation doesn’t matter, they are lying. Because it does. I cried during Wonder Woman. In fact I cry when I see you because of how much you mean to me. Seeing you makes me believe that I too am okay. I am enough. I don’t have to change myself or dye my hair a lighter shade. I don’t have to quiet my voice or fade back into the shadows. I can be seen and I matter. We all do.

Wonder Woman will always mean something to me now. She is like me. I am like her. Thank you for playing her. Thank you for giving her life and thank you for being yourself. Don’t let the industry change you or bring you down. You’re perfect the way you are. Thanks.

Lindsey G.



5 Comments on “What Would You Say: Open Letter

  1. You are an intelligent, funny, eloquent, capable young woman. Believe in yourself, far less talented people do, you are more than capable of being to someone else what Gal Gadot is to you xxx

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