Seasonal Essentials: Winter

It’s winter now and there is nothing I can do about it. It sucks and I hate the cold and winter. Winter makes me sad and I’m cold all the time but I mean there are some tolerable things about it. Or rather things that make winter tolerable. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make life a little bit brighter even though everything around you is cold and dreary.

Seasonal favorites:

Hot Chocolate: Technically I could drink hot chocolate all year round, but it’s especially wonderful in the winter. It’s so sweet and hot. I love to put marshmallows on top which leaves a sugary sweet mess. A sweet drink in one of my favorite mugs is one way I feel a little warmer in the winter.

Heated Blanket: Actually all my blankets are must haves for me this season. I love each one. Generally, I pile each one onto my bed and sleep under the mound. It’s a bit heavy but I need all that extra warmth. My heated blanket is wonderful and keeps me so warm.

Socks: OH HOW I LOVE SOCKS! I’m absolutely obsessed with socks. I wear them almost all the time. My one rule for socks is that they must never to be boring. I haven’t worn a plain white sock for years. I regularly buy myself fun socks or ask for them for gifts. They keep my freezing toes as warm as they’re going to be. I even sleep in socks.

Soup: My mom makes the best soups and she generally makes so much that we can eat it for 3 days straight. Minimal cooking, minimal cleanup and a great way to stay warm. Potato soup is probably my favorite. But I also enjoy chili, if it’s made to my liking. I’m picking about chili. Soup can keep you warm for hours after dinner.

Christmas: For a good portion of winter is the holiday season. The holidays make me happy. Even though it’s freezing outside I feel happier and warmer than I will all year-long. I even willing go outside and walk around near Christmas so I can see and enjoy all the Christmas lights and decor.


My winter essentials. What are yours?



10 Comments on “Seasonal Essentials: Winter

  1. Hot chocolate, mmm. I’ve got quite fussy about this lately, but if it’s well made then, delicious! Amazingly my taste is evolving towards less sweet – didn’t see that one coming!!! So no marshmallows or cream for me, but a slug of whisky… don’t mind if I do!

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    • I am slightly picky with hot chocolate too. Like I absolutely hate it in hot water. It needs to be creamy. I actually have lost a great deal of my own sweet tooth. I still love marshmallows and Cream though.
      Whiskey in Hot chocolate….Hmm, I’ve not done that.

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  2. My winter essentials have to be my fluffy socks and fluffy blanket! perfect for my slightly cold flat and curling up and watching TV!

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  3. Soup and a blanket… yip! Christmas… bring it on 😀 I also like a hot bath on a dark and windy evening. Sooooooooooo nice and the perfect me-time!

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    • But getting out of the bath is sooooo cold. lol. Though you’re right, that’s a great way to just relax, unwind, and spend time with yourself. I may have to try it.


  4. I actually love winter. Mostly be at it gives me a good excuse to snuggle up in the house by myself or with my family to read, watch movies and play games. I especially love drinking hot coffee, tea or chocolate. And I adore my warm sweaters and knitted fingerless gloves, which I keep on from October through April pretty much.
    And I definitely agree about soup. Hot soup, especially homemade, is a must have most nights from late fall through winter!

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