How I get into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday and time of year. Even the cold is more bearable this time of year. I’m not a traditional or conventional person when it comes to life but when it comes to certain holidays I am all for the traditions that my family and I have established over the years.

Our Christmas Traditions are:

  • Driving around Christmas in the Park. This is an actual park people can drive through and look at the giant display of Christmas lights. The display only gets more and more spectacular every year.
  • I live right outside the city so about a week or so before Christmas my family and I get in the car and drive into the city. My city has a fantastic display. Lights lining all the buildings. It just feels more like Christmas by being there. While there we get dinner at my favorite Irish-inspired Pub (though the bar no longer exists and so I have to find a new place this year). After dinner we walk around the city and window shop and listen to the street musicians.
  • Cinnamon rolls mean Christmas to me. Every year my mom makes homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. We eat them while we open gifts and spend time together. Christmas morning just isn’t Christmas morning without the smell and flavor of cinnamon rolls.
  • Decorating for Christmas excites me. It is my own personal tradition, as I am the only one who really decorates. I put the tree up and all the other Christmas decor in the house. I am the one responsible for making the house look amazing for the season. Decorating for Christmas is one of the things that I most look forward too when I move out. I will probably decorate both my parents and my own homes then.
  • Christmas movies! I just love Christmas movies. Elf is my absolute favorite. It is quotable and funny. It really isn’t the Christmas season until I’ve seen them all, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and the Santa Clause movies. We also watch Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life.


I am always trying to make new holiday traditions. I am a Christmas and holiday fiend. I’m always curious to know what other people do to get into the Christmas spirit (or another holiday if you don’t celebrate Christmas). What are your traditions?

13 Comments on “How I get into the Christmas Spirit

    • I usually try to make the whole month a holiday too. I’m terrible about sending Christmas and Holiday cards. I used to love doing it, A bookmark is sweet. I like that.


  1. I am not a very Christmassy person, but I do love spending time with family on Christmas Day and the days around it. I have a big family, so there is a lot of laughter, drinking, eating and sleeping! But my own personal tradition is watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. xoxo

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    • Oh I watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year since I can remember. It’s a family tradition. Yeah, Christmas day is probably the most fun of the whole Christmas season. It has got to be because of the family and the happiness that spreads. I loved hearing someone else say it too.


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