How To Become Instagram Famous

Many people ask the question “How does a person become Instagram famous?”. There are dozens of blogs and articles on how to attain this goal. If I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’ll have to admit, I too have asked that question. Who wouldn’t want to be Instagram famous? It seems like such a fun and easy way to becoming well-known and making lots of money. You hear the stories of these people and all the freebies and notoriety they get. Of course then the jealousy creeps up.

So how do you do it? Please tell me how. Okay, I will. The way to become Instagram famous is…….


You can’t.

Or at least you shouldn’t.

What!? I’m sure this post has now disappointed you horribly. After all you want to be famous and I can’t help you, right?! Who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do!?

Well, if you keep reading I can tell you why you may want to rethink being famous on Instagram.

Like I said before I too wanted to be Instagram famous. I read article after article. Trying everything these articles told me to do. Themes, filters, editing, hashtags, you name it. Nothing worked. This got me thinking, why am I trying to do this? What is my motivation? Do I really want Instagram fame?

So why did I decide Instagram fame wasn’t for me and why I don’t think it’s for you either?

1. It’s fleeting.

Here today, gone tomorrow. The story of Instagram fame. Yes, I know all fame is technically fleeting. But let’s be honest, I couldn’t name 3 Instafamous people. I mean yes they have thousands and thousands or even millions of followers, but I can’t name them. Who are these people?  If I was really fame I wouldn’t want to just be famous from something as temperamental as a phone app.

2. Instagram will fade.

Yes, I’m sorry to say this, but give it 5 years and no one will give a crap about it. Instagram is my favorite phone app, so don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on it. But if you rely on your notoriety from an app and not anything of substance it’ll be gone as fast as the app.

3. It’s fake.

Instagram is fake. Sorry to disappoint you. In fact all the social media is fake. WE ARE ALL ONLY PUTTING OUT WHAT WE WANT TO BE SEEN! Instagram is quite literally a layout of exactly what we want to have seen. It’s visual and all about the photos. Remember a picture tells a thousand stories and none of them are necessarily true.


What I see from people who are solely Instagram famous is this, they are at the very least a little self-absorbed. Many of these people have bought or are faking their follows. If you are someone who has grown their Instagram organically, I applaud you.

I love Instagram (I know I’ve said that like a hundred times already). I love those people who are Instagram famous that worked their asses off. They had a dream and they worked for it and they were themselves. They didn’t fake numbers or followings. They just worked and mingled and posted and in the end people noticed and wanted to know more.

Because of these fakers, Instagram is currently irritating the hell out of people. It’s just not fun anymore. Everyone wants to be famous on there and for many it feels monotonous.

I believe we all want to be famous at least a little. It just seems to be apart of life. We see these celebrities and we wonder what life would be like. How would it feel to be loved and pampered? People and brands showering you with gifts.

That being said if I ever was to become famous I want it to be because of my accomplishments. As you should too. Did I help someone? Is my writing that good? Am I inspiring? I don’t want to be known because I bought follows and fame. I want to say I freaking worked for it.

And I think if you really want fame you want to at least know you earned it. Recognition for accomplishments is great. Recognition because you faked your numbers by buying your followers or you followed/unfollowed the hell out of an app? No thanks!

So I guess now I can truly answer the original question. If you made it this far into the article then you’re getting the answer. You wanna be Instagram famous? Be yourself. Stop making fame your motivation. Work hard (write, dance, sing, cook, whatever you do).

If you or I ever become famous than great, but if we never do, that’s okay too. You know why? Because we worked hard and in the end fame clearly isn’t a reflection of that.


If you want to see how I enjoy Instagram just being myself check out my account here.

14 Comments on “How To Become Instagram Famous

  1. I love this post so much! I totally agree with you on everything you mentioned! As long as you are making content that helps others, that is more than enough! 💗

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  2. I enjoy Instagram for the fun side, which is mostly seeing dogs if I’m being honest. However, I’m never TOO concerned about it; whether or not a picture gets likes, I still have the memories! It seems that most people who want to be ‘Gram-famous want to make money from it.


    • Well, I’ll admit many of the pages I follow on Insta is of animals too (cats mostly). Yes, I love having the memories, even the cringe worthy ones. I agree, money seems to be the reason and motivation behind everything.


    • Lol. Well, I kind of meant to. It was something I could have used back when I thought I needed to be Instagram famous. So hopefully it’ll remind others that it’s not really a goal we should be trying to obtain. Thank you for reading.

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  3. Really, it’s not always about the followers let’s consider the impacts too, you never know that someone somewhere is being inspired by your uploads,


    • You can impact someone with an upload. But the sheer motivation to be Instagram famous is different than wanting to inspire or help people. It’s solely fame driven.

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