8 Gift Ideas for a Fandom Lover in Your Life

Today I’m going to try to help some of you out by giving gift ideas for the fandom lover in your life. I am a self-professed lover of superheroes, Star Wars among many other things. When ever someone asks me what I want for Christmas or my birthday I give them a funny look.


Well, maybe not easy but there is so much to buy a person who loves fandoms of any kind to be honest.

1. Mugs or Glassware. I know I love getting a great mug or cup of some sort with my favorite fandom on it. I can enjoy a nice beverage and be reminded of why I love that fandom.


2. Clothing. For my birthday this year I got a Batman hoodie. It excited me because now I got a fun way to show the world my love for Batman a the while staying warm this winter. Tshirts and socks and anything clothing wise is also so much fun (I have more than a dozen different fandom shirts and socks).



3. Figurines. You can never have too many figurines of your favorite characters. I have multiples of the same character. They are always a safe bet and fun. There are multiple kinds to choose from too.



4. Accessories. I know this is similar to clothing but we all know accessories are totally different. They are fandom inspired belts, jewelry, hats, bags, and even makeup sets and so much more. Sometimes you just got to look around a little.



5. Books. Something I always find really fun is getting a book that is inspired by or direct canon to a movie or show that I like. A fandom inspired cookbook is always fun. Or perhaps the fandom is from a book series. Get your fandom lover the books.



6. Tickets. This could be tickets to the opening showing of the new movie they’ve been dying to see. Or it could be tickets to Comic Con. Or perhaps you know there is a band or singer they really want to go see.



7. Games. This could be the video games or even a board game. I remember when I got The Big Bang Theory Clue. Needless to say I was very excited. They have many classic games that have been changed to reflect different fandoms.



8. Artwork. This could be in the form of posters or literal artwork someone has done. I have multiple pieces. This is always a fun gift and often really brings a room to life.




14 Comments on “8 Gift Ideas for a Fandom Lover in Your Life

  1. Some nice stuff there, but it’s dangerous territory. We are Game of Thrones fans, and live close to Belfast. The jewellers who make the jewellery for the series are in Belfast and they have a GOT range. Oh boy! I need a pay rise lol!


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