Top 5 Apps on My Phone

Today I’m going to discuss phone apps. Most of us use apps on our phones. It is like a staple to everyday life now. In the mountains of apps to choose from we all have our favorites. Some of us like game apps, others like editing apps, while some like apps that allow a connection with others. I have my favorite apps. All of which or social, but each one feeds a different part of my life.

Top 5:


Facebook Messenger: I love this app because it allows me to message my friends from all over the world. Not just the people who have my phone number. Messenger has always worked pretty well for me. One plus is that it uses far less data than my other apps.


Instagram: This app is amazing. You can check me out here. Pictures and videos galore. I know many people are bitter with Instagram right now with the huge levels of follow/unfollow fiasco and all the fake followings people can buy. Yes, I find all of that to be incredibly annoying, but I love the app and just do my best to live my life and ignore it. If people want to follow me than great, otherwise I’m not concerned.


Pinterest: Confession time, I’m addicted to this stupid app. It’s horrible and I’ve successfully made my best friends just as addicted. It kind of makes me laugh and I yes, I know I’m a terrible person. Anyway this app gives me so many ideas for blogging, writing, fashion, makeup, and all my fandoms. It’s kind of a spirit booster. Find me here.


Twitter: I have had a Twitter for years but I’ve been bad and not put an effort in figuring it out. That is until now. I’m addicted now. I want to work on building my Twitter following and the character limit challenges me. So far I’ve also enjoyed the interaction between bloggers on there. Check me out.


Snapchat: Such an annoying app, but it’s entertaining. I love it.  I also like I can message friends and it not stick around too long. The filters are fun, though I am becoming frustrated with the app freezing more and more easily. Not sure why that is such an issue.


So that is my favorite app round-up that is currently on my phone. What apps are on your phone you love and have to check?

5 Comments on “Top 5 Apps on My Phone

  1. I’m a serial pinterest user too ! I actually have to limit myself to a few pins because I could spend hours just repining stuff 😅


  2. Constantly deleting and adding apps, to make space! The ones I have and hold are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp
    Ones the come back and leave, are snapchat and a couple of games! ha
    Pinterest doesnt stay long and I just cant get into it
    interesting post 🙂


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