Movie Review: Buster’s Mal Heart

This indie/drama is about a family man who encounters a drifter/conspiracy theorist. This drifter tells him of the impending End of the World happening on Y2K. Now while this film is mostly centered during Christmas and New Year do NOT mistake it anywhere close to a holiday movie.

The movie is Unrated though on Netflix it is rated MA. It stars Rami Malek (Emmy award winning actor for Mr. Robot).

This movie was the most confusing movie I have ever seen. I can’t tell you what happened, because I don’t know what happened. Is the movie really a drama or was a thriller? A suspense? Sci-Fi? I still don’t know.

I watched this movie as soon as I discovered that Netflix had added it. Since Rami Malek was on it I couldn’t exactly say no to trying it. He is a fantastic actor no matter what he is given. I wish I hadn’t seen the movie though. But he did great with this mess of a movie. I’m not quite sure how he was able to complete it, but he did. Even with his amazing skills and his impeccable ability to depress the viewer I couldn’t grasp it. What was the plot?! There was very little dialogue (this isn’t a problem if a story is actually being told), but I’m not sure all the words in the world would have made this movie make anymore sense.

The music was great and actually reminded me of the music on Mr. Robot. It was creepy, like something was wrong with your head. Maybe like you’re slowly losing your sanity. With this movie maybe the viewer is. There was something unsettling about the movie that the music worked well with.

The writer/director clearly has a screw loose and apparently if you listen to her describe the movie and plot it doesn’t make any sense. I haven’t watched or listened to her interviews. I wanted to forget about the movie as quickly as I could. Even with Google I couldn’t make sense of the movie, no one can. Maybe it was an illustration of the writers mind.

I do not recommend this movie at all. Save yourself and don’t watch it (unless you really have to watch Malek in everything he does). I give this movie 1 out 5. I’d give it a 0 but Rami Malek is amazing and he deserves credit for doing his very best with a writer who is apparently insane.




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