I’ve Reached 100!

So I am happy to announce that I have over 100 followers! I began blogging not quite 3 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Blogging has so far been wonderful! Thank you to everyone who follows and reads my posts. It’s such an odd feeling to actually have my reading read all over the world.

It’s a dream come true!!

Of course, I hope to keep gaining readers, views, and followers as it means so much.

So in honor of reaching this milestone I will share 10 random facts about myself. Hopefully, this is a good trade-off. Seriously I wish I could do a giveaway, but I can’t right now. Perhaps when I reach 300.

  1. I’m abnormally cold all the time, even when it’s 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside.
  2. Serial Killers fascinate me, but also freak me out.
  3. French fries are my favorite type of potato.
  4. Dogs used to be my favorite animal, now it’s cats.
  5. I LOVE trying new foods.
  6. I’m desperately afraid I’m missing out on life and on experiences.
  7. Though I’m 24 I feel old.
  8. I have a perpetual need to organize.
  9. My friends think I’m a girly girl. I’m not. I’m just myself and that doesn’t have a label.
  10. I used to want to be a veterinarian.


That is my list. I am sorry if there are any repeats from previous posts. Let me know if there is.

Again, Thank you so much for your readership. I really appreciate every one of you.


15 Comments on “I’ve Reached 100!

  1. Well done! It feels so nice to reach that first milestone dosent it. Im with you on the serial killer thing too, so we can be strange together! Im fascinated at how the mind works in people, so maybe this is why they intrigue me? Wishing you speed towards your next goal x

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