The Beginning of a Love Affair

Lip gloss and nail polish. The two products that introduced me to the world of beauty and cosmetics. I was young and didn’t even have a desire to think about makeup. I just thought they were great and my parents were okay with it.

I honestly think the reason I liked lip gloss was that I thought it was delicious. My first memory of using it was this little tin of a strawberry flavored substance. If I’d been allowed I might have eaten it all. I was probably 5 or 6 then. I didn’t really use lip gloss of my own for a few more years. When I was smart enough to not eat it.

My first time with nail polish was probably when I was around 8 and I bought it myself. It was a tiny bottle of shimmery pink polish. It was crap, but I thought it was pretty. I was absolutely terrible at painting my nails (who are we kidding? I’m still horrible). But I remember being proud of myself. I seriously wish I had a picture of the bottle or my nails, but the bottle is long gone and I had a habit of picking off the paint the second they dried.

To this day, I still love nail polish. I may not keep my nails up as well as I should but I almost always have them painted. I have since moved to loving lipstick more (seen in this post here) instead of gloss, but there will always be a soft spot for it and I still occasionally use it.

These first experiences with cosmetics is probably why I love them so much now. Those products made me feel good about myself and made me happy and I still feel that way. It was curiosity and fascination then and now it is the joy of self-expression. I’ve been called self-centered or shallow for loving cosmetics. But nothing can shake my love for it.


What was your first experience with cosmetics? I’d love to hear about it.

10 Comments on “The Beginning of a Love Affair

  1. Ohh you made me feel all nostalgic, as I read your post and instantly remembered the lip glosses with names like “strawberry shortcake”. They were so sticky! My first experience with cosmetics was my Mum having Avon parties. The lady would turn up with all the tiny testers of the lipsticks, and I would stare in fascination at them all, dying to have my lips coated in the fuchsia pink shades. My first item I ever bought was a lip gloss, same as you x

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  2. I remember being in high school and heading to the bathroom to put lip gloss on. It was really syrup I think. It came in a plastic or glass tube. There was a rolling ball that you put on your lips. In reality I doubt it looked good. I bet I liked it for the same reasons you did. It was sweet!

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