How I Made the Decision to Chop it Off

If you are considering jumping into the world of short hair, congratulations. It’s a interesting and fun little world. One that is commonly misunderstood.

Many do not understand why women cut all their hair off. Besides men don’t like short haired girls. Or they seem to think that when you change your hair you’ve just gone through something traumatic. Well, screw people who think we cut our hair for men. If they don’t like it then I don’t like them. In fact if that’s a reason to keep long hair then I better shave my head.

Anyway I’ve always disagreed with the concept that women only cut their head because of heart break. Why can’t I just cut my hair because I felt like it? Yes, I know there is some truth to the concept, but not all the time.

I was probably 5

The first time I cut my hair I was 6 and wanted to try short hair. I hated it and cried. I looked like a boy! Strangely, when I was 8 years old I wanted to try short hair again. I did it for the same reason as before, but I was experimenting if I still hated it. Not surprisingly, I despised the short hair. It looked weird and I got called a boy (not something that happened the first time).

I grew my hair out for the next four years. When I was 12 I decided I needed to try short hair again. I’m not entirely sure why I chose a dramatic hair cut again. But I found long hair gross and annoying, I wanted to brave the short hair gambit again. Maybe I wouldn’t hate it again. This time I took care looking for the right style and hairdresser for me.

I was 10 or 11 in this picture. I swear I’m not a vampire and this isn’t as old of picture as it looks.

Sitting there as they cut off 4 years worth of hair, more than 20 inches! I was so nervous. What if I hated it?! I didn’t want to cry again.

When my hair was finished being cut I looked at a new me. I didn’t cry, not even close. I loved it. Have never looked back. Never a day in my life have I regretted taking that chance again. It was freeing and liberating and it still is.

Over the last decade my hair style has changed a little. Mostly it entails my hair getting cut shorter and shorter. At this point I usually get one side of my head shaved down with a razor. I like the asymmetrical look I have. Though I am still trying to get it right. I’m always curious what I can do next.

My latest haircut is even shorter than before. Most of my head has been shaved down. The fall and winter is when I get most experimental with my hair. It’s probably because after a year I’m ready for a change. One day I may shave my entire head of hair off. There is just no attachment to it.


There was a few issues I faced with first cutting my hair and you may too.

  • You got to keep up on it and get it cut every 6-8 weeks. I’m not kidding when I first got it cut I had a habit about it not getting it cut enough. So it caused style issues. So much unnecessary frustration. I know part of the problem is my hair grows about twice as fast as the average head of hair. My current hairdresser tells me my hair is some of the fastest growing hair she’s ever seen.
  • People think that they can touch your hair when you get it cut. I never had this issue with long hair. But I can’t say how many people used to put their fingers through my hair. Fortunately it was people I knew, but EW! Get away from me.
  • You will get people with assumptions. Some will ask questions. They will ask why you did it. Or question your sexuality (don’t be that person, anyone can have long hair and anyone can have short hair. It’s just hair). Tell you guys don’t like short hair. Some people will tell you they don’t like short hair. Then you get the innocent comments about how bad short hair looks on them, they are tend to try to assure you that you look good (I did to until I found the right style). Or the that they could never cut their hair, they love their hair too much.


All in all everyone should do as they please. Just be yourself and don’t let anyone stop you is what I’m trying to say. It has nothing to do with appearance. Hair is just hair.

I’d love to hear what others have to say about their experiences with cutting their hair off. Tell me in the comments.

5 Comments on “How I Made the Decision to Chop it Off

  1. I had my hair down to my waist,it is thick and I hated it,so I shaved it all off to for one charity and gave the hair to another. Since then i don’t think it has gone longer than to my ears. and the back is always shaved to take some of the weight out of it.

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