When am I Thankful

It’s been November for a few days now and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s getting so cold and 2018 is right around the corner. It’s also the start of the Christmas season (yay!). I absolutely love Christmas!!! Don’t complain about it being too early. This year has been crap, I’m not going take someone’s joy away.

Anyway, in the United States, November is the month of gluttony. This all happens in the name of thankfulness. Don’t get me wrong I’m obsessed with Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays, but if I am being totally honest I love it because of the food.

Turkey, special rolls, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

In fact, I think very little about what I’m thankful about during this holiday (except my mom’s cooking. Dear God she’s amazing and all of you are missing out). That admission of not being thankful is a difficult one. What the hell is wrong with me?! But I don’t want to lie and be like ‘I am so thankful for this and that’ all because I’ve been instructed to by a holiday (kind of like Christmas being all about spending money. I don’t).

It may be a bit of a screwed up confession, but it’s the truth. I’m actually more thankful on days like Christmas and New Years. I get all these gifts or a new year and I’m instantly seeing everything that I have and feeling grateful for it. Is that bad? Hope I’m not the only one. I mean how many of you think about what you’re thankful for (other than when you’re forced to say something at the table) during Thanksgiving.

Of course I’m not saying I’m superior or anything. This is just my moment of confession.

I do try to a thankful year round not just the holiday season or when  get something. Actually I find listing the things I am grateful for to be a helpful mechanism when I’m about to  have one of my panic or anxiety attacks. It helps me see what I have and I can center myself a little.

There is no way I can list everything I’m thankful for, because lets be honest I’m thankful even running water. Couldn’t imagine living without it. So convenient.

Anyway I will just give a little idea of what I am thankful for.

My parents. Love them. You can read more how I feel about them here.

My brothers. I grew up between the two and they were my closest friends when we were kids.

My cats. My soft little babies. Can read about them here.

My friends. They irritate the hell out of me but I wouldn’t want to lose them. They mean so much to me.

My blog. I never thought I could do it. But here I am. I’m doing it and I absolutely adore it.

My readers/followers/visitors. I would have nothing here if it wasn’t for all of you guys. You make my blog what it is.


I’m thankful for so much more too. Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?

29 Comments on “When am I Thankful

  1. Wow what a lovely post. I live in England so don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I feel like to be thankful shouldn’t be celebrated just on one day it should be something celebrated every day if that makes sense. But I understand it as a holiday because of the History. I’m thankful for everyone who is in my life who have made me who I am.

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    • Thank you for sharing what you are thankful for. Does England do anything like Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, we don’t get taught this kind of stuff in schools here so I know nothing about other holidays or other cultural events.


      • Not really before Christmas we have Guy Fawkes night which is pretty interesting which is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires. I remember when I was in school and we didn’t really learn about other countries cultural events, I read books on them and learned that way.

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      • Yeah! I’ve been seeing that event on Twitter and I’ve seen it on TV shows and I’ve always been curious about it.
        Too bad schools didn’t teach those kind of subjects. I used to teach myself but I got busy with life (I know that is not an excuse). I need to get back to that.


  2. I am thankful for many things. I am not in an amazing stage of my life just now but my bf and family are there for me so this is something I am grateful for! xx corinne

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    • Thank you for sharing. Sorry life is less than great, but I’m glad you have your bf and family. Those people are always so important in life.


  3. There’s no Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I think it’s good to stop and take the time to think about what you’re thankful for, especially if you’re having a bad day.Even just the little things. Today there’s a train strike that’s making getting to work difficult for so many people, and I’m thankful to have a job where I work from home!

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    • Remembering the good things when not having a bad day is probably one of the most healthy things to do. I know it helps calm my mind. And OH a strike will definitely make life a bit more difficult. Working from home is the BEST!

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    • Thanks! I hope you get back to the gratitude journal. I’ve tried to do it but I’m terrible about it. I’m not sure why. lol


    • I too love the holidays (well most of them). Thanksgiving is great, don’t get me wrong. I really wish people could be nicer to each other. Christmas and Thanksgiving time really does feel like people are nicer (most people at least). Hey, that’s something to be grateful about! lol


  4. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in France, so maybe that’s why I find it a bit weird to “force” yourself to be thankful, you should be thankful whenever you feel like it all year long ! I’m also so exited for Christmas, can’t wait to celebrate it 😊

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    • I loved your comment. To make things even weirder here is we have black friday where right after being thankful we trample each other in stores for “deals”. Lol. And YES!!! CHRISTMAS!!!

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      • Oh right, I heard about this ! I’ve seen videos of people literally walking on others for a tv… where’s the thankfulness in there 😆

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      • I have no idea. I’ve been asking that question since it first started becoming popular. It’s messed up. I just stay home and eat the pie my mom made. lol.

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      • We don’t have Thanksgiving, but Black Friday is becoming a thing in the UK. Still if I want anything, I’ll only go shopping online because I don’t want to get trampled or injured!

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