How I Pick Foundation

Foundation is an amazing creation, from evening out your skin tone to covering any ‘imperfections’. I didn’t understand the value of it for awhile when I first started wearing makeup. Powder was what I used at first.

Don’t get me wrong a great powder is worth every penny, I love it, and it gives a nice finish. But it just isn’t the same. Powder and foundation together was mind blowing to me. The finish and coverage were shocking and my other makeup stayed on better!



  1. For years not I’ve been trying to figure out the best foundation for me. I’m extremely picky. I will not buy any foundation that isn’t securely packaged. Always found it gross to buy a bottle of foundation that another person could have just stuck their finger in. That stuff is going on my face! I don’t need that bacteria. That issue takes many of my foundation options away.
  2. Besides that pet peeve/pickiness on my part I cannot wear sunscreen. The weird thing for me is that I can usually wear a foundation with 15 SPF or less (but not all the time). Anything above and I’m in trouble. I’m not kidding when I say anything more than that and I’m covered in hives.
  3. My other issue is my skin tone. Many foundations have like three shades and that’s it. I’m doubting many people actually fit in those three colors. I’m usually 2 or 3 shades too dark for the lightest shade and a shade too light for the middle shade. Ugh! Too dark, but not dark enough for these makeup industries to have me covered.
  4. An issue that I have shouldn’t even be an issue. I’ve said it before but I do NOT use beauty products that test on animals. I have used products that do, and I still use some that do (I will not waste. So I’ll use till they are used up). But I am trying to focus never using an animal tested product again. If any of you discover that I am using something that does test on animals, Please tell me. I want to be aware so I can make the switch.

    I don’t know what happened to this bottle, my other bottles don’t look like this.
  5. Price is another factor for me. I can’t be spending $20+ on a foundation every couple of months. I’ve done it and it breaks the bank. There are so many foundations that cover all my foundation criteria but I can’t buy them becasue they are too damn expensive. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to try those brands too. Perhaps someday I will.


The foundation that I use right now and absolutely love is NYX powdered foundation and ELF liquid foundation. I don’t have an issue with either brand. Neither test on animals, both are incredibly affordable. ELF is natural but it is about a half shade too dark. NYX powdered foundation seems to be the perfect color and I am not entirely sure if it is natural. Both are well packaged so I don’t have to worry too much about someone before me contaminating it. For now I believe I’ve found my foundation.

Love these brands

How do you pick a foundation? If you have a recommendation send it my way, always looking for a new brand.


15 Comments on “How I Pick Foundation

  1. I also used to only use powder and now (using a combination of foundation and powder) I can’t believe I lived like this! The perfect shade doesn’t exist in my opinion, I always end up blending down my neck to make it look even… I think The Body Shop has drops or something that you can add to your foundation to make it lighter and it’s supposed to work quite well! S. xx

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  2. Foundation is something I’ve always been very conscious of when it comes to hygiene too! Recently got myself a bottle of Rimmel’s breathable foundation, I absolutely love it. Good if you like a medium coverage foundation and something that doesn’t make you break out/get too greasy during the day. Cost me £8.99 and they have a looovely selection of shades if you’re more of a medium skin tone. Hope that helps! x


  3. Thanks for sharing! I can never choose a foundation that works, it just feels impossible so this was very useful!

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