Halloween Fiction

The figure creeps down the dimly lit hallway. It’s face completely obstructed. If it even has a face. There is something calculating and sinister in the way it moves. It knows exactly where it is going. It slowly passes door after door only stopping to run its long fingers over the wall ever so often. It takes a deep breath, like sniffing for the soul it wants to steal.

It’s getting close, it can tell. It can sense the soul it desires to devour.

Finally, it reaches the door it has been looking for. A quick knock and a turn of the knob and the figure disappears behind the door. A deafening silence follows. It is like the earth has stopped moving for a moment in time. Not even the wind makes a sound.

Suddenly the door flies open again and the figure comes back into the hallway. The door shutting firmly behind it with the click of the lock echoing through the entire building. The figure continues creeping its way down the passageway. It needs to be stopped but something forbids it.

The figure seems bigger, scarier, more sinister than it did before. What did it just do behind the door? Is it human, or the unknown? Is anyone safe with it lurking in the shadows?

The figure disappears before any answers can be found.


Happy Halloween.

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