Beauty for a Black Heart

I believe I’ve made it pretty clear how much I adore make up. I’m always looking for more and trying different brands. Just can’t get enough. I like experimenting and seeing what works, and what I like in this beauty world off a thousand different kinds, each claiming to be the best.

So speaking of trying new brands I have recently discovered one that I’m in love with. It’s called BlackHeart. This brand is exclusive to Hot Topic so it’s not an easy one to find unless you shop online or find a store. This company also sells more than just beauty supplies, such as clothing and jewelry. But I yet to try those items.

The first thing I ever tried from them was a couple of bottles of nail polish. I first started with a couple bottles of nail polish at the recommendation of one of the store clerks. I am forever grateful to that employee because I absolutely adore this nail polish.



The polish is pretty long-lasting, especially considering the fact it’s not a gel or acrylic. The bottles are a great design, never seen a nail polish bottle quite like it. I currently own four bottles of polish. The pictures do Not do the actual color justice.

Recently I purchased an ombre lip kit from them. Love that lipstick too. My lips actually don’t burn if I wear a lot of it. The lip liner that comes in it is really smooth and comfortable. The actually lip color is really pretty too. I like that both the liner and the color are on the same applicator.

BlackHeart is not for everyone. The fashion styles and jewelry are both a bit more dark. Like the name suggests, having a black heart. Clearly, I mean look at the name, design, everything about the brand. But I love it because I think effectively reflects my cold, black heart. I know I’m 24 and an adult and I shouldn’t act like a moody teenager but I never outgrew that emo stage most of us have gone through.


My biggest complaint about this company and the polish is the names. They are lazy. Your name is BlackHeart but you name the polish silly things like Red Black Sparkle. What? Why not Devil’s Tears? Or Hell’s Galaxy. It’s weird, come on people you can do better! OR hire me, I’ll do it.

Now I will admit the black polish has a good name with Cursed. Well that sounds intense, I’ll take two. See BlackHeart? Good names get money circulating.


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