Why I Don’t Have a Skin Routine

Everyone talks about their skin routines. The articles and blogs are everywhere. It’s important for your facial health and all that.

Well, I need to admit something….I don’t have a routine. OH GOD NO!!!! In fact I don’t do anything. GASP! I will admit it is partly due to being a lazy ass. But the bigger truth is that I can’t use 99% of the products out there.

I have extremely sensitive skin. I couldn’t even use acne medication, now or when I was younger. In fact that crap was some of the harshest products on my skin. I also can’t use sunscreen (try sunburnt hives, I’d rather die).

All these products make me breakout in really bad hives, or my skin turns really red and blotchy (they are not quite hives). Because of this I even have to use more expensive, special laundry detergent and body wash. My shampoo is Herbal Essence (cheap, I know), as it doesn’t seen to give me a poor reaction.

That all being said I do try to take care of my face. My nightly routine is 3 steps:

First: I remove my makeup with baby oil (works really well for eye makeup, even waterproof). It also only costs a couple of dollars for a travel size (which is about the same size as previous makeup remover bottles that I’ve used). I used to use mineral oil, but baby oil comes off better and it a bit less thick. Baby oil is truly my life saver for makeup removal.


Second: I wash my face with my special body soap. It’s a black soap from the health food store. It smells great and doesn’t have the chemicals many other soaps use. It’s great for the face and I always feel fresh.

Third: I apply just a little Olay face lotion. I can’t do this everyday as my skin is becoming increasingly oily and I can’t have too much moisture.

In a way my face annoys me with its overt sensitivity. But it is what it is and I can’t change it. Fortunately, most makeups do not bother my overly sensitive skin.


To my sensitive skinned readers; what do you use for your face?

My skin life savers

6 Comments on “Why I Don’t Have a Skin Routine

  1. I have really sensitive skin too. It’s taken a lot of time to find stuff I can actually use. I wash my face (not
    Routinely everyone once in awhile) with the simple brand. It doesn’t have a lot of the extra stuff they put in face cleansers.

    I also use a face moisturizer but I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. I just recently got it…
    For the most part I’m just too lazy to do anything else.

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