Answers to Q&A

Earlier in October, I asked all of my readers to send me questions so I could do an answers post. Well, it’s time to answers the questions I got asked. Unfortunately, I did not get as many questions as I would have liked. But the questions I did get were great. So without further ado. Here are the questions with my answers.
Q: Billy Bob 

When did you first become interested in blogging?

A: I’ve been interested in blogging for years, but I don’t know when the interest first started. I just have always loved to write. Now after multiple attempts at starting  and keeping up a blog I have this one.

Other than blogging, how do you spend your time? What other hobbies do you have?

A: Well, I’m blogging or writing 90% of the time. But besides that I enjoy watching tv and movies, taking pictures, listening to music, makeup, eating, travelling,  A lot of things actually.

Q:You Can Always Start Now

Favorite book that resonated with you.

A: Honestly, I think the American Girl books. Those books helped shape my beliefs and views on different areas of my life. I think those books are the reason I feel so strongly about women’s issues. They created the feminist in me.

If there was one book that you would love to see turned into a film, what would it be and who would star in it? Bonus question – what’s one film that was adapted from a book that you wish never happened?

A: I would love to see the Enola Holmes series turned into a movie. I loved those books and still do. Wish more people knew about that series. A movie(s) would probably be the only way to tell people they exist.

I wish The Hobbit never got adapted into film. I know that’s more than one film, but I don’t think the movies were that good. Way too much CGI and the story? ugh. Also I wish IT was never made into a film. The world needs less creepy clowns.

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