Why I Miss Summer

October is nearly over! How does that even happen? Time just seems to slip by without us even realizing it. Soon we will be in the middle of winter and I’m going to be freezing constantly. I already desperately miss summer. I wish it was summer all the time. It’s my favorite season.

I have so many reasons I love summer.

  • The heat is one of the best parts. I’ve said it before, but I struggle to stay warm. Even in the summer I have to wear jackets sometimes. I need that summer heat.
  • So much happens during the summer. There are dozens of things to do each weekend. Concerts, festivals, swimming pools, sporting events, etc.
  • It’s relaxed. I don’t know why (maybe the heat), but everything just seems to be more laid back.
  • There is no weather issues that make it impossible to drive anywhere. I hate having my plans be in limbo till the day before just because it might get icy and ruin everything.
  • Everything is beautiful and in full bloom during the summer. There are bees, butterflies, and flowers. The trees are healthy and lush. It smells good and it looks beautiful.
  • It stays light outside longer. I hate when the sun goes down before dinner.


I could probably come up with a dozen more reasons why I love summer the best, but I won’t. I’m going to miss it so much as it fades further and further away. Till next year, summer, I’ll miss you.

What is your favorite season? Why?

7 Comments on “Why I Miss Summer

  1. Great post! Honestly I’m one of those people who likes the season it is. When it’s summer, summer is my favorite holiday but then when it switches to fall, fall becomes my favorite! I guess so much happens during each season that makes it so hard to pick!


  2. I love all the seasons for different reasons, but it is definitely much easier to do things in the summer. The sunshine is motivating, and the longer daylight hours mean more time to enjoy the outside.

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